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Take a look at how Sushant used MoneyTap to pay his son’s school fees.



Sushant downloaded MoneyTap a few months ago, when some of the guys from the company approached him. He and his colleagues did it just to see how big a credit limit they’d be eligible for, and Sushant was pleasantly surprised to see he was eligible for Rs.3 lakhs. A few days later, after all the KYC process was done, Sushant had a credit limit of Rs.3 lakhs available on his app that he could access anytime he needed.

But he forgot about it as life swept him forward. His wife delivered a second baby, his elder son wanted to join an expensive cricket camp and life moved on.

Approved for Rs 300000

On reflecting, Sushant realized that MoneyTap had solved his little money problem without him having to run around in the bank for a loan or lose his dignity by asking money from his friends. Sushant was grateful that he had downloaded the MoneyTap app and got a limit approved. He didn’t have to pay for it upfront and hence it came in handy when there was actually a need for the money.

Tap into MoneyTap and live stress-free.