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4 Tips for Buying the Best Air Conditioner to Help You Beat the Heat in Delhi
Shiv Nanda
Jun 15 • 3 mins read

4 Tips for Buying the Best Air Conditioner to Help You Beat the Heat in Delhi

3 mins read

With temperatures soaring higher every summer, an air conditioner is no longer a luxury but a necessity in a city like Delhi. However, running an AC full-time can lead to huge electricity bills. How can you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank?

The answer lies in the unit you’re using. Older units tend to use more electricity than newer energy-efficient models, adding up to significant cost savings over time. If you’re using an old AC because you don’t have spare cash for a new one, consider buying an air conditioner on loan. The savings on your monthly electricity bills alone could pay off your AC finance in as little as two years. Yes, those popular AC ads on TV with a certain “smart Murthy” actually have a point!

Of course, it’s important to invest in the right model when you’re upgrading your AC. Here are 4 essential tips to help you find the best air conditioner for your Delhi/NCR home:
  1. Consider the Type – Air conditioners are basically available in three types:
    • Window ACs have almost become a thing of the past, since they’re noisy, inefficient and take up extra space. On the plus side, they’re easy to install and maintain since there is only a single unit involved.
    • Split ACs are the most popular options for homes and offices these days, since they’re quiet and energy-efficient. However, they cost more than window units, and installation is more complicated.
    • Inverter ACs have varying speed motors that keep the compressor running, unlike a regular split AC where the compressor keeps switching on and off. These ACs are expensive, but can save 30-40% in energy costs.
  2. Understand the Rating – Higher Star Rating = lower energy use. You really should not invest in an air conditioner with an energy rating lower than 3 stars if you’re looking to save on running costs. And, an inverter split AC with a BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating of 3 stars offers 7% more energy savings than a regular split AC rated 5 stars.
  3. Look at Capacity – Most ACs are available in 1, 1.5 and 2 ton capacities, which refers to the amount of air they can cool in 24 hours (1 ton = 1000 kg). For most spaces, 1.5 ton ACs are ideal, but you can choose 1 ton if you need a small air conditioner or 2 ton for cooling a larger space.
  4. Compare the Features – In addition to performance, size and cost, you should also check for additional features such as turbo/rapid cooling, humidity control and air filtration. These are essential for dealing with weather fluctuations and pollution levels in indoor air. Light-up LED displays, auto-restart and smart thermostats can also help.

Remember, air conditioner price differences may seem high, but an upgrade will pay for itself with long-term savings. And if you’re looking for air conditioner finance that’s both convenient and quick, check out MoneyTap’s line of credit for instant personal loans in Delhi. All you need to do is download the app and put in your details for pre-approval in real time, and you can then use this line of credit to buy the AC of your choice.

After you’re approved for a personal line of credit through the app, you won’t need to dip into your savings or put off your AC purchase due to lack of ready cash. You can also use the MoneyTap credit card online or in store, paying interest only on the amount you use. And, whatever amount you repay towards your personal loan becomes available to use again whenever you wish. It’s a win-win!

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