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5 Affordable Weekend Getaways Around Bangalore
Shiv Nanda
Aug 15 • 3 mins read

5 Affordable Weekend Getaways Around Bangalore

3 mins read

When you get a three-day weekend it makes sense to get away from the constant hustle and bustle of the city.  It is a wonderful idea to spend your time off, pursuing a hobby like cycling or hiking or just relaxing in a nice hotel. Even pamper yourself and get a massage or maybe try some unique food. In fact, even a day trip during a regular two-day weekend is enough to increases productivity. You can come back energized and get back to your work life and other responsibilities in full swing.

Let us look at some weekend getaways around Bangalore that can help you unwind from the stress of work and the commute that happens regularly without any respite.


For great coffee, sprawling hills and calm idyllic and scenic beauty head to Chikmagalur. It is roughly 280 kilometres from Bangalore. You can do a bit of trekking here and you can see a fair amount of waterfalls after the monsoons. Chikmagalur has enough homestays and resorts around to suit every budget. Some offer nature stays for a better experience. With waterfalls close by and cascading hills, the description is truly poetic.  Many cycling enthusiasts also prefer Chikmagalur for the cooler climate and beautiful scenic roads.


Known for jungle safaris, Masinagudi is about 240 kilometres away from Bangalore in Tamil Nadu. You can also see the elephant camp that is very nearby. It is a wonderful experience to see the calves fed and bathed. You can also feed the calves for a small fee. The safari itself promises a glimpse of deer, boars, bears and tigers as well. There are plenty of resorts and jungle lodges around and most are kid-friendly. While resorts here may be slightly expensive it is truly a unique experience to stay in close quarters to wild animals.


The last couple of years have seen a steady rise in tourist arrivals to Kodagu also known as Coorg. The average annual visitors to this scenic town in Karnataka have now crossed 35 lakhs. Located approximately 250 km from Bangalore, it takes six hours to drive down, passing Mysore on the way.  Some major tourist attractions in Coorg include waterfalls, temples, Namdroling monastery, Dubare Elephant Camp and Talacauvery. You can also indulge in adventure sports like river rafting or in culinary exploits of the local Coorgi food. Besides numerous homestays, Club Mahindra has a beautiful property which is highly recommended for families with young kids. 


Famous for its lush green hills with pepper, tea and coffee plantations it is roughly 250 kilometres away from Bangalore. For the history fanatic, Madikeri has a fort that was built by Tipu Sultan. The birthplace of the river Cauvery is about 40 kilometres from here. It is also known by the name of Talacauvery locally. This has a lot of religious significance and scores of people visit this place.


It is the second biggest city in Karnataka. At the heart of the city is Mysore palace. Constructed in 1912, it has photos and paintings of historical moments. The zoo is also a point of interest. Mysore is also famous for Mysore pak –a sweet dish and Mysore masala dosa.

On the way to Mysore, around 55 kilometres from Bangalore you can visit Channapatna, a small town that is famous for wooden toys. They also make door hangings and traditional jewellery. You can also visit Fort of Jagadevaraya family, which was built during the 16th century. Another interesting place to visit is Timmapparaja Urs mansion, which is a typical Hindu mansion from the 19th century.  

Close to Channapatna is another interesting town Ramanagara, which is famous for its silk market. Ramanagara is surrounded by seven hills, which makes it a frequent stop for hikers and trekkers. Hikers from the city come here for day hikes. If you are a bird watcher you may sight few endangered species such as the Long Billed Vulture and Yellow Throated Bulbul. The film Sholay was shot at Ramagiri hill, which is about 4 kilometre from Ramanagara.

With so many places to explore near Bangalore, make use of every opportunity you get to travel and explore. Research shows that taking vacations every now and then impacts your life in a very positive way.  You can get different thoughts and fresh perspective when you take a break. 

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