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8 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy with MoneyTap’s Personal Line of Credit
Shiv Nanda
Sep 13 • 2 mins read

8 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy with MoneyTap’s Personal Line of Credit

2 mins read

Everybody wants the best gadgets these days, and your own wishlist is probably a long one. Trouble is, it takes forever to save up enough for even one of these items, much less all of them!

But why wait for eons to build the perfect collection, when MoneyTap can help you start now? You can take a gadget loan against your personal line of credit anywhere and anytime, and repay it in flexible EMIs at affordable interest rates.

Here are 9 uber-cool gadgets you can buy with a personal loan from MoneyTap:

  1. Floating Bluetooth Speaker – From a portable music solution to audiobooks on the go, a good wireless Bluetooth speaker can do it all. Look for one with great sound quality, battery life and Smart features such as compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.
  2. DSLR Camera – Even the best smartphone doesn’t come anywhere near the refinement and wow factor of a DSLR, and your gadgetry collection is incomplete without it. Look for one with large sensor and aperture sizes, sharp lenses and additional features like WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Feature-Loaded Smartphone – Your smartphone is the most versatile and heavily-used piece of technology you own, and one you should never compromise on. With the advancement in technology, budget smartphones have become a preferred choice among masses. Get a smartphone loan from MoneyTap to buy the model you want or need rather than settling for one you can afford right now.
  4. Smart/Android TVs – A Smart Android TV could be a worthwhile investment, since it works for multiple things. Apart from watching movies and TV serials, you can also use it for Screencasting, YouTube, Netflix and other apps, or hook it up to your gaming console for endless entertainment.
  5. Smart Watches – Along with useful features and functions, a smart watch doubles as a stylish fashion accessory. If you can’t find one that goes well with everything in your wardrobe, additional accessories like swappable straps and customisable displays can help you make a statement.
  6. Gaming Laptop – Playing your favourite FPS or MMORPG on a purpose-built gaming laptop is literally a game-changer. A laptop loan through MoneyTap can help you get the high-performance machine you’ve been eyeing, as well as VR or 3D gaming gear to pair with it, for the ultimate experience!
  7. Wireless Charging Devices – You might think that your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, but a high-end charger will give you the option of attaching it to the standard charging port for your device. You can even use it with other gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers.
  8. Gaming Console – You can’t call yourself a ‘gamer’ unless you have one of the latest gaming consoles in your arsenal of gadgetry. Xbox and PlayStation consoles have redefined virtual gaming, and MoneyTap can help you get your hands on one right away.

With MoneyTap’s revolving line of credit, you can buy numerous gadgets without the hassle of multiple personal loans. Best of all, you only pay interest on what you’ve used, not the entire approved amount. Sign up for your credit line today!

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