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9 Ways to Spend Time With Your Family This Navratri

Many families have the week off during Navratri. Most offices, schools and colleges remain closed for the festive season. These days, with the travel bug hitting everyone, people tend to utilize the entire Dussehra vacation to travel abroad. Although it is appealing to go and roam the streets of Vietnam or Italy, it may not be an option for the majority of us.

Finance plays a big part in deciding whether you go abroad or stay at home for the holidays. If you decide to stay at home, it might be an excellent idea to go over what you can do at home so you and your family can spend some quality time together. Let us try and understand what you can do together with your family.

Ideas to Spend Time With Your Family This Navratri


Cooking is a great activity to do together with your entire family. Making bread or pasta is an easy task and is fun for kids. A bread maker, an oven and a food processor are all you need to buy and require some amount of cash outlay. Visit a gourmet market and pick up ingredients to try out an interesting cuisine. You can also teach children some basic safety rules when using the stove.


Sit down with your family and involve them in planning what presents to buy and for whom. Once you have fixed your budget, buying presents can be less intimidating. If children are slightly older you can delegate some purchases to them. This cuts down your shopping time in half. Later, the entire family can sit together and wrap the gifts. Share your shopping experiences or other anecdotes that you have from past holidays. This creates a lasting family bonding experience.


This is an excellent time to sit around hurdled together and read to your kids about Indian mythology. Even if your kids are old enough to read by themselves when you read to them it develops their listening skills. You also get the opportunity to explain the mythology based on your beliefs. So pick up a few books at your local bookstore.


Spend time hiking or camping away from all gadgets. A day without gadgets is absolutely necessary for everyone. Camping is extremely fun for all age groups. You can check various websites that will guide you as to what type of tent to buy and where to go. You can always pitch your tent in your backyard and maybe get a telescope and enjoy a night of stargazing.


There are some modern games and old classics that are well liked by all. For instance, you can choose from Blokus, Pictionary, Chutes and ladders or Bingo. You can also try and revive old traditional Indian games like Pallankuzhi, Kancha or Gilli Danda, This game can be played with tamarind seeds and a tray with 14 cups. These games can easily be purchased online or at your nearest toy store

Visit Family

This is the best time to visit your family and friends. Visit friends and family who are in the same city and celebrate Dussehra by exchanging gifts. You can also invite them over and host a holiday-themed party. Visiting family and friends and giving gifts are a big part of Dussehra festival.


Enjoy the art galleries, zoo or museums in your city. Revisit temples and you will find them decorated for Dussehra. This is also a good time to catch a play or a music concert.


Dancing Garba with your entire family is good fun and a great way to burn off those extra calories from the sweets. You don’t necessarily have to know how to do Garba or any form of dance for that matter. Scan through newspapers to find out Garba dance parties that are hosted in various parts of the city. You may have to pay an entrance fee and buy food from the stalls. Many have an instructor to help you get the gist of the Garba steps.


Visit an old age home in your neighbourhood. Often, old people have very few people to talk to. Read to them or donate some books. Orphanages too need your time and support. Your children will get a whole new perspective on life when you take them along. You can donate old books or clothes that your kids have grown out of. You can also donate your time by volunteering to teach.

Hopefully, you will find at least a few things that interest you. Holidays are most important because you get to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. Make it count by doing what you love. If you need small funds to say, buy that bread maker or oven and may be for tickets to a play or concert, then MoneyTap can make it happen! Maybe you get that telescope that you always wanted. Visit the MoneyTap FAQ section and see how it fits into your plans for this Dussehra.

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Shiv Nanda

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