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Weekend Gataways In & Near Rajkot
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Best Weekend Getaways In & Near Rajkot: Resorts, Tourist Places and More

Narrow streets and chaotic markets, amidst all that is Rajkot, a city of Gujarat. Rajkot captures the old world charm intertwined with modernity beautifully and that spirit is reflected in the places situated in and around Rajkot.

So, are you looking for a quick break with family, a romantic getaway, or a solo retreat? We’ve put together some of the best weekend getaways and resorts in Rajkot. These getaways capture the very essence of Rajkot: history, luxury, and elegance.

6 Best Places to See in Rajkot

    1. Kaba Gandhi No Delo

It is Mahatma Gandhi’s childhood residence. This place is now converted into a museum called Gandhi Smriti. The museum displays Mahatma Gandhi’s photographs, objects and his belongings.

    1. Alfred High School

It is the oldest institution in Rajkot and is famous as the school of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

    1. Aaji Dam

This is a beautiful dam site that was constructed during the British Raj.

    1. Rotary Dolls Museum

This unique museum is a reflection of the culture and traditions of the world at large through a medium of over 1500 dolls from different regions of the world.

    1. Rashtriya Shala

Rashtriya Shala was commissioned by Mahatma Gandhi in 1921. The purpose of this learning centre was to impart national concepts. Rashtriya Shala has a close link to the non-cooperation movement, which was one of the most important chapters of the Indian freedom movement.

    1. Watson Museum

Located at Jubilee Garden in Rajkot, this museum was established to preserve the cultural heritage and historical artefacts of India.

5 Best Places to Stay at Rajkot

Rajkot has some of the best resorts to stay. They are conveniently located and provide quite a few options for travellers of all budgets.

    1. Regency Lagoon Resorts

This upscale resort is one of the best resorts in Rajkot. Its British Colonial style architecture makes it a luxurious resort with elegant suites, equipped with all modern amenities along with whirlpool baths, 24-hour butler service and fine dining.

    1. Chouki Dhani

This resort is modelled after a Rajasthani village. With its colourfully decorated mud walls and intricate wooden furnishing, this picturesque resort is one among the best resorts in Rajkot. Excellent service and lip-smacking food are some of the highlights of Chouki Dhani.

    1. The Royal Castle Resorts

The Royal Castle Resorts offers a beautiful view of Rajkot’s skyline. It is pocket-friendly and is known for its delicious food and quick service.

    1. Nirali Resorts

Nirali Resorts is one of the best budget resorts in Rajkot, Gujarat. The luxurious cottages are built on the Rajwadi theme and offer a comfortable stay and excellent service.

    1. Green Leaf Club

Green Leaf Club offers best-in-class hospitality and is located next to the water park, Green Leaf Water World. Comfortable stay, excellent service, and delicious food, it’s perfect for a relaxed weekend.

3 Best Places to Visit Around Rajkot

    1. Khirasara Palace

Khirasara Palace is a royal palace, which is now converted into a heritage hotel. It is a perfect place for parties. Located at Kalawad Road, this palace is 18 km away from Rajkot.

    1. Wankaner

Wankaner, once ruled by the Zhala dynasty has now become a popular resort near Rajkot. This place is famous for Gayatri Temple, Macchu Dam, Ganj Pir Dargah, Swami Narayan Mandir, Royal Palace and many more.

    1. Ishwariya Park and Garden

A popular picnic spot in Rajkot, Ishwariya Park and Garden is situated at Jamnagar Highway, just 10 km away from Rajkot city. This garden is spread over 77 acres of land. A lake behind the park makes it a great place to spend your weekend.

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