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Check Out These Perfect Family Vacation Destinations for Each Season in India
Shiv Nanda
Jul 23 • 3 mins read

Check Out These Perfect Family Vacation Destinations for Each Season in India

3 mins read

Planning a vacation with your family? Our country offers a wide range of vacation destinations for every season, from hill stations where you can cool off in the summer to sunny beaches where you can warm your bones in the winter. Most tourist spots are perfect for both relaxation and adventure, with activities that people of every age can enjoy.

Check out these must-visit locations for your next family trip:


summerDuring the months of March and June, head to Himachal, Kashmir or the North-East to enjoy the cold mountain air, refreshing waterfalls and scenic green hills.

If you’re planning a trip in June or July, check out the Yath Ratra festival at Puri, and enjoy cool breezes that make even the sunniest day more comfortable.

If you want to try skiing or other thrilling snow sports, head to Kashmir between December and March.


winterVisit Himachal in November-February if your kids love playing in snow. Alternatively, head to Andaman from mid-November to April for an island getaway!

If you’re travelling anytime from October to March, check out the historic monuments located throughout Rajasthan, Agra and Varanasi or Banaras.

Kerala is the perfect choice for a vacation between September and April, with its serene backwaters, sun-soaked beaches and lush vegetation.


Nainital, Shimla, Lonavla, Kodaikanal, Coorg, Ooty and other hill stations are wonderful places to visit anytime of the year, especially March-June or September-November.

Rishikesh and Hardwar are perfect for adventure sports, water sports and religious/spiritual activities. Visit between February and June, or August to October.

Jim Corbett National Park is another great year-round destination, but try to visit between November and June if you’re looking for a wildlife and nature getaway.

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