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Diwali Shopping on a Budget: Buy These Essentials on EMI
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Diwali Shopping on a Budget: Buy These Essentials on EMI

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in our country, and it’s considered the most auspicious time to buy new things. Whether for large purchases such as a home or car, or smaller ones like gadgets and clothing, Diwali shopping is an annual ritual for most of us. And it’s one that has been around for ages!

The trouble is, spending all your money on new items can cause a cash crunch. The best way to prevent financial trouble with festive shopping is using a loan or personal line of credit to convert purchases into EMIs.

Here are some items you can buy on EMI this Diwali:

  1. Large Home Appliances – Buying a large appliance such as a refrigerator on EMI spreads out the cost over a long period, reducing the burden on your budget. You can also buy an AC on EMI, a TV on EMI, or invest in any other appliance you need at home.
  2. Small Consumer Durables – Are you planning to invest in small appliances for your kitchen or home this festive season, such as mixers, toasters or microwaves? A consumer durable loan is your best bet for buying these items and many more on EMI.
  3. Furnishings & Decor – Home renovation, repairs and improvement are important aspects of pre-Diwali preparations. A home renovation loan allows you to buy new furniture, decor and furnishings on EMI, and completely transform your space!
  4. Latest Smartphones – Take advantage of amazing festive sales this Diwali by buying a mobile on EMI for yourself or your loved ones. With a loan for mobile phone purchases, you don’t have to compromise on features because of a limited budget.
  5. Innovative Gadgets – Laptops, digital assistants, Bluetooth speakers, smart watches and other tech gadgets make amazing Diwali gifts for family members. If you want to buy laptop on loan or invest in other gadgets on EMI, use a personal line of credit.
  6. Bikes or Scooters – With a two wheeler loan, you can buy a scooter or bike on EMI and pay in easy installments that fit your budget. Diwali is believed to be the luckiest time to invest in new vehicles, and you also get festive discounts everywhere!
  7. Festive Essentials – Diwali celebrations just aren’t complete without new clothes, along with accessories such as jewelry, bags and footwear. With a personal line of credit, you can buy all these items as well as gifts, sweets and snacks, all on EMI.

Emptying your bank account or wallet for Diwali shopping is something you’ll regret as soon as the festivities are over. Instead, apply for a personal line of credit through Moneytap to make all your purchases on EMI. 

Not only will you save cash, but also stretch the cost out as long as you need. Download Moneytap for a Diwali shopping loan today!

Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst at MoneyTap who loves to write on various financial topics online. He also advises people on financial planning, investment choices and budgeting skills, and helps them make their financial lives better.

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