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10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Smartly
Shiv Nanda
Jun 07 • 3 mins read

10 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Smartly

3 mins read

Weddings in India can either be costly or very costly. Managing finances can be a cause of concern and may come in the way of enjoying your dream wedding. Smart people can, however, choose to marry in a cost-effective way and still have a memorable wedding. Here are some ways that will help you plan your wedding smartly.


Be clear on how much you want to spend.  Whatever budget you decide, remember that several last-minute expenses and additions may push it further up.     

Tip: Do a math of how much money you have – from your family and your own savings. From this amount keep aside some to act as a buffer.

Wedding Venue:

Marriage venues are expensive. Choose this wisely and you can end up saving a significant sum.  If you are on a tight budget, choose the city where most of your guests/ relatives live. This way you will not have to spend for their staying arrangements.   

Tip: You can get hefty discounts by booking in advance.  Once your wedding date is fixed, do not delay booking your venue.

Wedding Decoration and Catering:

Go for a minimalistic yet aesthetically beautiful decoration theme. Floral decoration can be very expensive. Choose seasonal flowers that do not need to be imported.  While selecting a menu, ensure it will be finger licking good but at the same time resist the urge to have cuisines from all over the world.      

Tip: Most venues provide you with catering and decoration package. Make your choice after considering all the options.

Wedding Jewelry:

In spite of the family pressure, take a call on how much is really needed. There is no point buying ornaments that will not be worn. For the wedding day itself, brides now opt to wear matching jewelry which is not made of real gold and diamonds.     

Tip: While gold is considered to be an investment for future, making charges can be very high and do not contribute to the returns. Consider other investment options if that is the intent.

Wedding Photography:

Wedding photography has now gone beyond the regular camera guy clicking pictures of people on the stage. However, the cost can vary greatly depending on the photographer selected.  Scout for recommendations and research your options carefully.     

Tip: Look for a new photographer who is trying to establish himself and is recommended by someone you know.


While this may not be a part of the actual function it will be good to consider this expense along with everything else. Before deciding on a destination foreign or local, understand what you want out of the trip. Is it togetherness and quiet time away from the world or is it to merely post enviable pictures on Facebook.

Tip: There is a lot of information on the internet about unique and affordable honeymoon options. If you research well you can have an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Beauty Treatments:

It is natural to want to look your best on the wedding day. However, most of the elaborate beauty treatments that begin months in advance may only be a marketing gimmick. Your bridal makeup should complement your own beauty instead of trying to make you look like a different person altogether. Don’t get pushed over by others and go for what makes you comfortable.

Tip: Besides hair coloring and texturing a lot of other treatments can be done with simple ingredients at home. Your best bet for a glowing skin is to eat well and be happy.

Wedding Attire:

Your wedding attire can cost from a few thousand to even lakhs. Have a clear idea of how much you wish to spend and then do a good research on various shops and tailors.              

Tip: Pick something which is not too extravagant so that you can wear it again at other functions.

Pre-wedding Events: 

Bollywood movies have fueled the trend to have elaborate pre-wedding functions like mehndi, sangeet and cocktail parties. You could try to combine all of them into one because every separate function will add to your cost.  

Tip: Take help from your friends and cousins to plan a ceremony that is both fun and personal.

Personal Line of credits:

Instead of draining all your savings, consider availing a personal line of credit for wedding from a bank or a host of upcoming FinTech apps. Once your credit line is approved you can access any portion of it anytime and pay interest on the borrowed amount only.      

Tip:  MoneyTap is one such app that facilitates instant credit line from authenticated banks, at a swipe.


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