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Everyone’s Invited to MoneyTap

MoneyTap is for everyone!

We are a budding community of hard-working people who are living life on their own terms!

Let’s meet some of our happy MoneyTappers 🙂

Meet Rahul- The perfect ‘beta’ with the soul of a biker!

It was never an easy ride for Rahul. He had seen his parents toil throughout his childhood to fulfill all of his and his younger sister’s needs and demands. On his part, he never came up with a wish-list that would put any sort of extra burden on his mom and dad. He had stopped turning to them for any sort of financial help the day he stepped in college. Today, his hard work has paid off. He has a stable, well-paying job! His biker soul is now craving for a sporty bike, all the cool kids in college had. But, his salary was not enough and so he started researching about quick and flexible two-wheeler loan options 🙁

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Meet Saanvi- A Gadget Freak!

Saanvi lives, breathes, and dreams gadgets. Although she is studying to be a lawyer; she is just a young, innocent girl lusting after the latest Playstation 4! She can’t wait for a few months to save for it.  The situation is grave and urgent. There is a great discount on an online store and it would be a mistake to buy it later at full price. She needs financial support, but definitely not from her parents. Not from friends either. It’s MoneyTap credit line to her rescue now!

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Meet Anuja & Ravi- That Happy Couple!

From hiking in Ladakh, biking in Europe, deep sea diving in Mauritius, running marathons around the word or attending that Coldplay concert, this couple has done it all. They run after experiences and spend all their money on them. Anuja recently got pregnant, and with MoneyTap credit line they are ready for this new experience with a smile.

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Meet Riya-High on Life !

Riya just started her first job at an MNC. New friends, new city, her motto is to enjoy this new phase of her life.  She is never had a credit card before, but she wanted one now to make sure her weekend plans are always on! Her friend (a happy MoneyTapper) suggested MoneyTap can be a good first card to have because it will give her a  credit line (of up to 5 lakhs) but will charge her only for the amount she uses. Its classy, user-firendly app  has made her a smart user of credit with timely notifications of payments due and easy EMI conversions for spends greater than Rs.3, 000. 

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Meet Rajesh-The Credit Addict

It was really bad for Rajesh. The addiction of trying out every new credit product in the market. It became so bad that he began taking favors from friends and relatives by applying for credit cards in their names. His mom did a special ‘Puja’ to cure his habit. But even his wife, Puja, could not help him. It was getting worse and worse. But, then a miracle happened. His mom’s ‘Puja’ worked. She saw an ad for MoneyTap credit line,  and got Rajesh to apply for it. Lo and Behold! Rajesh is a changed person now. He only used  Moneytap credit line, all his financial needs are still met, if anything his life has changed for the better.

Excited to be a part of the MoneyTap family?  Download the app & let the magic unflod!

Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst at MoneyTap who loves to write on various financial topics online. He also advises people on financial planning, investment choices and budgeting skills, and helps them make their financial lives better.

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