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Don’t Let Your Finances Come in the Way of Your Adventures! Read What This Couple Did!
Shiv Nanda
Mar 16 • 2 mins read

Don’t Let Your Finances Come in the Way of Your Adventures! Read What This Couple Did!

2 mins read

‘Globetrotters’ – is how you’d describe Anuja and Ravi. Ravi, a CA with an accounting firm in the city, does it for fun, while Anuja, a travel blogger, has made her hobby her profession. They first met on an online portal for backpackers and have since taken numerous trips with each other.

Their adventurous lifestyle did not stop even after they got married a few years back. Not just travel enthusiasts, Anuja and Ravi are a seeker of new experiences. Anuja recently got the good news of being on the family way. While they look forward to holidays with their little one, they are also aware of added responsibilities and expenses that come with a child.

The excited couple have started on with their planning and are ready with their list based on their priority. They need to shortlist the hospital, the doctor, select the nursery furniture, and the list goes on. Ravi and Anuja are not worried much with the expenses they will incur during the first phase of parenthood. Before going for the Europe trip, Ravi had downloaded MoneyTap after one of his friends recommended the app to him.

Ravi is a happy user of MoneyTap. Its ZeroPaperTM feature made the application process fast and hassle free. Within a weeks’ after applying, Ravi had the MoneyTap credit card in his wallet and an account loaded with Rs. 4 lacs. Facilities like no usage, no interest and credit forever were some other features that Ravi appreciated. While having a running credit allowed them to enjoy all their vacations without worrying about financial crisis, the flexible EMIs did not put any unwanted burden on their current financial commitments either. MoneyTap now comes with eSign feature that makes the process even faster. Learn more about using MoneyTap’s personal line of credit for travel.

Ravi is almost through with the repayment of all EMIs taken earlier. He is aware that once he pays off the last instalment, that would be this month, he will again have Rs. 4 lacs in his MoneyTap account that will look after his forthcoming financial needs.

Anuja and Ravi are confident of being able to live and experience life as they always have, even as their family grows. All thanks to MoneyTap and to the friend who introduced MoneyTap to them.

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