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Top 11 Gadgets to Gift Your Family And Friends
Shiv Nanda
Aug 21 • 4 mins read

Top 11 Gadgets to Gift Your Family And Friends

4 mins read

Gifting friends and family can prove to be a daunting task if you are not sure of their likes and dislikes. To make the gifting process easier, it is a good idea to try and find out whether the intended recipient is a gadget-obsessed friend or family member. Chances are that most people would find value in cool electronics gifts, considering the deeply digital lives that we live these days. But the plethora of cutting-edge gadgets in the market still leaves you with the question- which one?

Popular Gadgets to Gift Friends and Family

1. Fitness Wearable

 Is your friend or family member a fitness freak? Or is losing weight his or her latest resolution? Browse the number of smart fitness wearables that are flooding the market, and help your person help himself. The latest on the scene and one with great reviews is the Fitbit Blaze, owing to its accuracy in fitness tracking. From measuring heart-rates to calories burnt, a number of quirky features make it the perfect tech gift. Other great fitness trackers are Misfit, Garmin, and Withings offerings.

2. Smartphone

From birthday to festival, graduation to retirement, a smartphone is appropriate for gift-giving occasions across age groups. Beyond calling and texting, a smartphone can do a lot of other things, and the list of these things keeps growing. A smartphone can be used for web surfing, taking and sharing great pics, emailing, catching up on the news, and as a GPS device, flashlight, alarm, or gaming console. With so many high-end as well as budget smartphones in the market, you’ll be able to easily pick up a phone that fits your budget and purpose.

3. Battery Adaptor

 For those who are in constant search of power, quite literally, to keep their many devices live, Battery Adapters are a blessing. Opt for ones that suit various formats like 10.8v, 14.4v and 18v battery packs, and ones with many USB ports to be able to charge many devices at once. The Dewalt DCB090 Battery Adaptor, the OEM Adapter series and the Sony NPA-MQZ1K Multi-Battery Adaptor Kit are great choices.  It is a great gadget for those who hit the road for days. Such people sure do need constant charging up!

4. Hands-free Multimedia

 If your person is one for the road, gifting him or her a hands-free multimedia system is a great gadget gift. One such device is the Parrot Asteroid Tablet and the Alpine ILX-007 In-Dash System are good choices. Most of the versions have inbuilt Bluetooth compatible streaming, GPS for maps, voice recognition and can manage two calls at a time. Perfect gifts for tech geeks who like to drive long distances.

5. Smart Sleep System

If you have been listening to your person complain about how he or she just doesn’t get great sleep, it’s time to beckon technology to the rescue. The Withings Aura Smart Sleep System comes with three tech interfaces—a strip attached to the mattress, a smart alarm clock and an app that tracks sleeping habits. Other good choices are the Beddit 3.0 Smart Sleep Monitor, the Emfit QS and the Sleepace Reston. Most smart sleep systems monitor heart rates, sleep patterns, and other important sleep metrics and communicate them to the user for analysis. A great device for a baby-like sleep!

6. Smartpen

One for the creative types, the smart pen is one of the best of gadget gifts for your family and friends who are budding writers or doodlers. You can transfer all your writings and scribblings from paper to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This means no lost notes anymore. This is a great way to encourage your person to pursue his or her creative instincts. Some of the great ones to choose from are the Equil Smartpen 2, Echo Smartpen, Livescribe Smartpen and the Neo Smartpen.

7. Bluetooth Tracking Tag

The average techno geek is always buried in a barrage of tech gadgets. Keeping track of what’s where can be a real struggle for him. The Bluetooth Tracking Tag is built just for such people. If you have a gadget freak as your friend or family, you got your gift going. The device can be attached to your gadgets and other items-keys, iPad, TV Remote etc. To search for the device, just use the iOS companion application to help play an alert and help the person locate it. It works well within the 160-foot range and is available for Apple users.

8. Smart Assistant 

This is for the person who wishes to digitalise his or her home. Most smart assistants run on voice commands and can play music. You can also connect them to other smart devices like lights or fans and control them by voice. If living smart is a top priority for your person, it’s a super cool gift. You could choose from the Amazon Echo series, Google Home and the latest release by Apple, the HomePod.

9. Photo Printer

If your person is an avid photographer and loves to see his or her work in print, gift him a photo printer. The Canon Selphy CP910 Photo Printer, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer or the Polaroid ZIP mobile printer are some options. Modern day photo printers are compact and easy to connect. The user can print directly from the smartphone, tablet, flash drive, or memory card. Flout the glossy print-moments captured in amazing pictures. Help your friend share travel snippets like never before, on the go!

10. Solitaire Cards

If your friend nostalgic when you talk about old solitaire days, here’s a great gadget gift to evoke that nostalgia! The Solitaire Cards are designed to emulate the vintage Windows 3.0 original game, with a similar looking digital icon too! A great way to relive the good ole’ days, and get that much-needed reprieve from the screen.

11. Smart Toy Robots

The latest entertainment trend is tiny robots that offer entertainment and education in one go. Great for kids who are aged six and up, it explains science and robotics concepts in an engaging manner. These models come connected with an app, which has pre-programmed games and activities. A great one for your nephew or niece to help them learn! The Ozobot Smart Robotic Game Piece, the Sphero 2.0 and the little Bits are great fun companions.

Whatever you plan to gift, make sure it fits with their techno-lifestyle. Only then will the gift be useful to them. You also have plenty of options for the non-tech savvy friends.  If a financial constraint is stopping you from buying them the perfect tech gift, apply for MoneyTap’s consumer durable loan and let them cherish and celebrate the gift.

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