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Get Prepared as Vadodara Recovers From a Flood
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Get Prepared as Vadodara Recovers From a Flood

As Vadodara gets over the torrential rains of 31st July, the receding water level indicates that life is getting back to normal, but it may take some time. And Barodians will need more than just courage to get normalcy back into their lives. 

During the floods, Vadodara remained crippled as roads, residential societies and educational institutes remained submerged following 500 mm inch rainfall in 24 hours. Read the full story here.

All sorts of stories have been published that show the good, the bad and the ugly due to the rain and floods.

Submerged cars, flooded houses, abandoned animals, people wading through chest-high muddy water, crocodiles swimming around in the floodwaters, people killed due to a wall collapse – the rains mercilessly battered the city to create havoc on the streets of Vadodara. Check the story here

Then, some heart-warming stories also emerged which are a testimony that humanity still exists. This viral video shows a cop saving a baby. Read the full story here.  

The rains may have subsided for now, but the weather forecast predicts that Vadodara may witness a flood-like situation again. Check the forecast here. So Vadodara, be prepared. 

With the damage already done, life and property have taken a major hit. … Now, it’s time to recover and be prepared for another lash out, if weather forecasts are to be believed.  

Recovering from the Floods

Recovering from a flood means getting your home repaired. The extent of the damage may be massive. Your home may need electricity work redone, walls reconstructed, and the roof repaired. Your furniture might also have been damaged. 

Recovering from a flood means getting your home appliances repaired or replaced. The floodwater in your home may have ruined your expensive home appliances. Your refrigerator, washing machine, TV – all essentials of your daily life may have been damaged. 

Recovering from a flood means vehicle repairs. Some people had to go home walking through the flood, leaving their cars or two wheelers behind only to find them damaged or even lost. 

Recovering from a flood means getting prepared for underlying infections and skin diseases. Wading through chest-high muddy water may have got you and your family susceptible to infections caused by contaminated sewage water, mosquitoes and microorganisms. Your visits to the doctors may go up as infection-causing organisms persist after the flood waters subside. 

The recovery phase can be a huge expense. Worse is when you are not prepared for it. 

Recovering from an event where a big part of the population has faced loss of or damage to property requires funds. This is an emergent time where you might not be able to rely on friends and family for financial help as they might be in need as well. Remember, that MoneyTap is here to offer you support, so, if you think you might need additional funds, you can download our app and check if you can get pre-approved. Once pre-approved, the funds will be there to provide for any need that might arise – in case you need it as a safety net.

Vadodara, Godspeed…

Hundreds of people have come together and helped those in need throughout the past few days. The people of Vadodara, with all their might have treaded waist-high floodwaters to get to those in need with cooked food, food packets, clothes, blankets, etc. Families who were stuck have been rescued to safe grounds; animals have been sheltered, everyone who can has offered a helping hand. This positive humanity is what will bring Vadodara back to life once the grey clouds pass.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Vadodara. More strength to everyone battling these tough times.

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