> Get Rewards on Every Cashless Spend Using MoneyTap
Get Rewards on Every Spend Using MoneyTap
Shiv Nanda
Feb 13 • 3 mins read

Get Rewards on Every Spend Using MoneyTap

3 mins read

While there are various ways to go cashless, using MoneyTap is not just convenient, but highly rewarding too.
MoneyTap now offers you exciting benefits and privileges, not just on the MoneyTap Credit Card spends but also on cash transfers through the MoneyTap app.

Read on to find out a whole new world of amazing delights, brought to you by MoneyTap.

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Every Spend

Each Spend Gets Rewarded

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Each SpendYou earn 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent on all your purchases like travel, groceries, dining and even your electricity bill. You can gain reward points for all your domestic and international purchases using the MoneyTap card or mobile app.

So charge all your expenses and online purchases to your MoneyTap Credit Card to add them up for fabulous rewards.

Savings and Rewards All Year Round

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Each Spend

You can redeem your points for a wide range of exclusive gifts and rewards on RBL Portal.

Annual Spend Bonus

Use MoneyTap for purchases of Rs.1.2 lakhs or more in a year and get 4000 bonus reward points.

No Fuel Surcharge

Fill your vehicle fuel and tank-up with MoneyTap. Fuel Transactions between Rs.500 – Rs.4000 will be eligible for waiver of fuel surcharge at all fuel stations.

Earn Your Fee Back

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Each Spend

MoneyTap gives you back your annual fee.

  • Year 1 – Use within the first 60 days and get 2000 Reward Points. These Reward Points will be credited to all qualifying accounts who have paid the setup fee and used MoneyTap app or Credit Card once within 60 days of issuance.
  • Year 2 – Your next annual fee of Rs.499 is waived if the money spent in the previous year exceeds Rs.1 Lakh.

Take a Mid-Week Break

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Every Spend

MoneyTap: Get Rewarded on Each Spend

  • Fun with Movies – Avail a 1+1 free movie ticket on BookMyShow once a month on a Wednesday. You will get one ticket complimentary or discount of Rs.200, whichever is lower.
  • Value Back Offer – Buy grocery at BigBazaar and get 5% value back every Wednesday. The value back will be credited as reward points.
  • Pizza Mania – Every Wednesday order a pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut online and get 10% value back. The value back will be credited as reward points.

MoneyTap - How it adds up.

MoneyTap lets you transfer the entire credit limit that has been approved to your bank account. With regular credit cards only up to 20-30% of the credit limit can be withdrawn as cash at a high rate of interest. You will be charged interest only on the amount used, through app transfer or through the MoneyTap card and not the entire credit limit.

Read more about the amazing features of MoneyTap, here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go cashless, get the MoneyTap app and start enjoying financial freedom.

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