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Rahul Just Got His Dream Bike! In Just 5 Mins & Flexible EMI’s. Read How
Shiv Nanda
Mar 07 • 3 mins read

Rahul Just Got His Dream Bike! In Just 5 Mins & Flexible EMI’s. Read How

3 mins read

It was never an easy ride for Rahul. He had seen his parents toil throughout his childhood to fulfil all of his and his younger sister’s needs and demands. On his part, he never came up with a wish-list that would put any sort of extra burden on his mom and dad.  He had stopped turning to them for any sort of financial help the day he stepped in college. Rahul was able to achieve this by doing part-time jobs from Year 1 in college. By the time, he was in Year 3, experience and confidence helped him land a job in a leading MNC during the college recruitment drive.

Other than being able to help his parents financially and landing a reputable job in a good conglomerate, there was one dream close to Rahul’s heart. He always wanted to own one of those super cool bikes that he had seen his friends drive around back in college.

After six months in the new job and being able to give his share in running the household, Rahul now wants to buy that dream bike; the Royal Enfield classic 350. But as always, he does not want to take any help from his parents. He starts exploring the options available in the market to fund his dream wheels.

Rahul’s research for a hassle-free two-wheeler loan unexpectedly leads him to MoneyTap.  A senior team member Rajiv, introduces MoneyTap to Rahul which is not just a personal loan but a line of credit. For Rajiv, No Usage, No interest has been the best part of MoneyTap. While Rahul gets attracted with MoneyTap’s unique Flexible EMIs feature. He finds MoneyTap to be a delightful combination of a personal loan and a credit card, topped with additional features.

Without wasting any more time and after carefully going through its terms and conditions, Rahul downloads MoneyTap. He also goes through numerous feedbacks that other happy users have given on the app. Being confident that he could now fulfil all his dreams with just a few taps, Rahul applies for a personal line of credit. In a matter of few minutes, thanks to their new eSign feature, he gets his approved limit of Rs. 3.5 lacs on the app. Ready for use with zero paperwork!

Rahul is now cushioned with 3.5 lac in his MoneyTap account and a MoneyTap Credit Card.

To use the amount, he just needs a few more taps to transfer the required amount to his registered bank account or swipe the card in any retail outlet. Rahul heads to the nearest authorized Royal Enfield bike dealer and places his order.

He has converted his purchase to an EMI. As the interest rates are mentioned upfront, Rahul knows he can pay off the whole amount in five EMIs. All this is done right on the app, without making any phone calls or any documentation.

Rahul is so thankful, that he did not fall for any of the other options available in the market. Some of his friends had suggested him to take a personal loan. Not convinced much with the terms and conditions of the personal loan and the inflexibility they come loaded with, Rahul had tried to hunt for alternatives. His distant cousin had advised him to use a credit card for any major buying. Rahul had realised that interest charges incurred take it longer to clear any balance and thus end up in costing more against the loan amount actually needed. He thus waited and finally went with MoneyTap.

Rahul is happy and eagerly waiting for the delivery of the bike and is already dreaming his next dream –  a smart companion to accompany him in his long drives.

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