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Gifting Ideas For This Festive Season
Shiv Nanda
Aug 15 • 3 mins read

Gifting Ideas For This Festive Season

3 mins read

Dussehra is a festival that is celebrated throughout India. It is the celebration of good over evil. In South India, it is known as Vijayadashami, in Kolkata as Durga Puja and in the North as Dussehra.

With schools being closed it is generally the best time to visit family and friends. Traditionally, people give gifts and sweets to family and friends to share joy, happiness and prosperity.

Some have a knack for picking unique gifts and some just stick to the usual sweet box. In fact, the ubiquitous sweet box tops the list of gifts that people give for Dussehra. The next common idea on the list is clothes which is mostly within the family. For instance, parents might usually gift their kids or grandchildren traditional clothes like a kurta, a lehenga, or a sari.

Let us go over some interesting gifting ideas for this festive season:

For The Master Chefs

There are many websites that offer gourmet products from around the world. You can give an assortment of exotic spices to the aspiring chefs in your family. A fondue pot or a pasta machine is also a wonderful idea for those who cook and entertain a lot.

For The Artist

For someone who is artistically inclined, you can give a blank canvas with a basic pack of colours. If you visit your local art supply store you will find a wide range of things for a range of prices. For instance, you can buy a drawing pencil set, charcoal pencil set, or an easel or an artist’s model. The choices are extensive.

For The Fashionista

For a fashion enthusiast, you can buy the latest clothes from a mall near you. If you have no clue how to shop for your college going niece don’t panic. A salesperson at any of the department stores can help you. Just take a few pictures along and a sample for size. If you are still apprehensive you can always gift a year’s subscription to high fashion magazines.

The Jewelry Lover

You can pick up a bracelet or dainty necklace for you granddaughter. If it is for your partner you can buy a string of pearls. Depending on the age of the gift recipient there is a wide range of choice available.

The Fitness Buff

A year’s membership to the gym can put an instant smile to your son or grandson. If this is too expensive you can always gift the subscriptions to a fitness magazine. Other things that you can gift are a gym bag or running clothes from an athletic store. However, for this, you need to know the person a lot better. What kind of sport are they into? Do they prefer running or swimming? You also need to know their sizes.

For The Dancer

If you have a little ballerina you can buy her leotards or ballet shoes. Jhumkas or payal will be perfect for the Kathak or Bharatnatyam dancer.

For The Pet lovers

Pet food is always a great idea and you can get help at your local pet shop. A pet also might be a wonderful idea.

For The Nerds

Books or cool stationery is an ideal choice for your nerdy colleague or nephew. Maybe even the latest video game or a robotics kit.

Other Out of Box Gifting Ideas 

The choices are endless. You can also gift lessons. Say, for instance, your college going son wants to learn cooking. You can gift him cooking lessons. If someone has an interest in gardening you can gift them seeds or gardening tools. If there is a music lover you can give them an iPod with their favourite genre of music downloaded.

Gift cards are also a wonderful solution. There are so many websites that sell everything under the sun. You can easily pick up a gift card from one of these sites. The benefit of giving a gift card is that you can give the exact amount that you want to give and the recipient can buy the item of their choice.

If none of these gifting ideas seem right you can always stick to eatables. But you can give nuts or a basket of exotic fruits from your local fruit seller instead of the usual sweet box. This is an excellent and healthy choice. You can always present it in a nice wicker gift basket. The basket can be used later too.

Gifts can bring a lot of joy to the one who gives and the one who receives. They do not have to be over the top as long as they are unique and thoughtful.  Don’t let a little financial crunch stop you from celebrating this festive season. You can always transfer money to your account from the MoneyTap credit line on your app or simply swipe your MoneyTap credit card. MoneyTap is an ideal way of planning your festive purchases without stress. Have the credit on hand but spend only as much as you want to. Have a great festive season!

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