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Go Shopping with MoneyTap!
Shiv Nanda
Jul 28 • < 1 mins read

Go Shopping with MoneyTap!

< 1 mins read

Whether you are shopping fashion, furniture or electronics, the one thing that holds you back from getting what you want is that awful realization that what you really want or need is just out of reach because of that awful m-word – money!

Sometimes, even after months of living on a budget, you and your spouse might find that the dining table you absolutely need is just some thousands out of reach. Other times, you encounter an absolutely brilliant sale and find you are just short of a little cash because you have reached the end of the month and cash is running low.

What do you do?

Reach for your phone, of course! MoneyTap is flexible enough to let you use your money the way you’d like to.

If you need cash, with the tap of your finger, you can transfer the amount to your account.

Want to shop online? Use your MoneyTap card like a regular credit card.

Want to pay by card? Swipe your MoneyTap card.

“Credit cards usually charge annualized interest rates of around 30-40%, while MoneyTap will save you nearly 50% interest rates.”

When your MoneyTap credit card due date comes around, you can either choose to repay within the billing period, or you can convert your balance due into EMIs that you can spread out over a convenient period of time. This way you will save nearly 50% on interest rates. (credit cards usually charge annual interest rates of around 30-40%, while MoneyTap will charge you an interest of around 15-20.9%).

So today, while a lot of youth has to extend the time period to fulfill their necessities, you can go shopping with MoneyTap and buy the things you need without facing a huge credit card debt.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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