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Google Sign In Issue on MoneyTap App

MoneyTap is India’s first app-based financial product that offers you a personal line of credit within minutes and with zero documentation.

Once you download and install the MoneyTap app from playstore (Get MoneyTap Now), the next step is to register on the app and know the credit limit that you qualify for.

Problem Signing into Google?

Signing in to your google account is the first step in the registration process. While most of our users are able to proceed smoothly, we have instances where users using MI or Xiaomi handsets are unable to sign in to their google accounts.

Don’t Worry, We Have Got A Hack For You! (that’s how much we love all our customers!)

The sign in issue is limited to specific handsets and doesn’t have a fix presently. However, if you are stuck with this error, we do have a workaround.

MoneyTap offers its users two ways to check their qualifying credit limit. One is through the app, while the other is through the web. You can access the Web qualification interface which is similar to that on the app, here I Want MoneyTap. The sign-in issue does not occur in the web browser.

You can now proceed with your application and know your qualification through the web link!

Please write to us at if this resolution was not able to solve your problem or if you have other concerns.

Happy MoneyTapping!

Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst at MoneyTap who loves to write on various financial topics online. He also advises people on financial planning, investment choices and budgeting skills, and helps them make their financial lives better.


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