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How to Fund Your Family Summer Vacation
Shiv Nanda
Jun 23 • 2 mins read

How to Fund Your Family Summer Vacation

2 mins read

Summer holidays are a great time for family bonding, when the kids are off from school and everyone’s excited about spending time together. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from work and your daily routine, and plan a fun-filled vacation that you will all enjoy.

Now, you may find yourself wondering how to organize a trip when you need to set aside the school fees for the next academic year or semester. Then, there are a number of ongoing expenses for running the household as well. A family getaway would definitely be stress-free if you could get a loan for vacation financing, right?

Well, MoneyTap can help you access funds for your ideal holiday if your finances don’t stretch far enough. With the right planning, you and your loved ones can take that dream vacation!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pick a Destination – The first thing to do is select a location where you would like to go during the summer holidays. Most people head for hill stations to get away from the heat, but you can also visit wildlife or nature reserves, adventure camps and beaches for unique and memorable experiences.
  2. Create a Budget – While a travel loan can help you pay for any trip-related expenses, it’s best to set a budget and try to stay within it. Consider the cost of traveling to your chosen destination, accommodation, food and drinks, activities and entertainment, as well as sightseeing and shopping.
  3. Look for Packages – Many tour companies, travel agents, airlines, hotels and travel websites offer good deals and discounts when you book a holiday package. Look for options that include places you would like to explore as well as activities that your children would enjoy.
  4. Use a Personal Loan – Funding holiday expenses with a travel loan or line of credit makes sense, even if you have sufficient savings for the trip. You don’t want to wipe out your bank account for a vacation and then find yourself in a cash crunch if you face a financial emergency later!

Why Use a MoneyTap Loan for Vacation Financing?

Here’s why you should use a personal line of credit from MoneyTap to pay for your trip:

  • Flexible Credit – You can use the credit line as a travel loan or pay for expenses with the included credit card, anytime and anywhere.
  • Easy Repayment – MoneyTap allows you to choose EMI options that fit your needs, so you can repay the loan at your convenience.
  • Low Interest – Interest rates on a MoneyTap personal loans are usually lower than credit cards, especially for cash transactions.
  • Emergency Fund – With a pre-approved credit line from MoneyTap on your phone, you can get instant loans in case of an emergency.
  • Interest on Use – Unlike a traditional loan, MoneyTap only charges interest on the amount you use from your approved credit limit.

If you’ve been dreaming of a summer getaway, don’t wait to make it a reality. Download MoneyTap and plan your trip today!

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