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how to get out of business debt
How to Pay off Your Business Debt
Shiv Nanda
Dec 18 • 2 mins read

How to Pay off Your Business Debt

2 mins read

Business debt can get overwhelming if you don’t control it. Excessive business debt decreases your cash flow, makes it difficult for you to access additional capital, and negatively impacts your credit score. If your business is in financial debt, you should try to control and eliminate debt as soon as possible before it consumes you in its spiralling debt trap.

6 Tips to Pay off Your Business Debt

There are numerous debt reduction strategies available on how to get out of business debt. Let’s discuss a few of them here:

Assess your debt

Make a list of all your debt to get a clear picture of how much debt you have. Calculate your debt to income ratio to figure out your ability to pay it off. Once you understand where you stand financially, make a plan to attack the debt.

You can choose to either pay off the most expensive debt first or knock off the least expensive one first. Regardless of how you choose to pay off your debt, make sure you pay timely on each debt account.

Reduce non-essential or unnecessary expenses

Determine the reason why you are in business debt. For example, you are probably spending too much on office space. You can consider renting a smaller place or allowing some employees to work from home. Unnecessary expenses could also be your big advertising budget or equipment cost. Try to reduce these expenses by looking at cheaper alternatives.

Create an effective budget

If you want to run your business efficiently, you need to focus on budgeting every aspect of your business. This will ensure that you spend responsibly and keep your debt in control.

Consider using a proven budgeting method called zero-based budgeting. This budgeting concept helps you avoid the debt trap. In zero-based budgeting, if you spend and pay your debt as per your budget, and your income is what is expected, you should be at zero at the end of the accounting period. If you have any leftover profits, you can use them to pay off more debt or invest in business expansion.

Use resources and tools

Automate your expense tracking and budgeting. There is a lot of free accounting software available online, which you can use to make a budget that helps you spend wisely and allow you to have more cash to pay off debt.

Negotiate loan terms with lenders

Find ways to make your debt cheaper. Talk to your lender to lower your interest rates. This may not always be possible, but it’s worth a shot. If you’ve been having a long relationship with the lender, and if you’ve been making timely payments, you might get a better rate. Another option of making debt cheaper is consolidating your debts by taking a debt consolidation loan. This will lower the interest you are paying on your debts and make your monthly payments more manageable.

Increase business revenue

The best way to get out of business debt is to earn more money for your business. This could mean upselling your customers, raising your prices, optimizing your inventory, selling surpluses, or broadening your business portfolio. Do whatever it takes to make more money.

Make paying off debt a priority!

It’s stressful to carry the weight of a large amount of debt on your shoulders. Make a plan to at least pay some of it back every month. Stick to your budget, decrease your expenses, and negotiate terms when necessary. If you follow this disciplined approach, you’ll be moving in a positive direction, making significant financial progress!

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