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Live Your Dream! Read How Riya Used MoneyTap to Live Hers!
Shiv Nanda
Mar 16 • 2 mins read

Live Your Dream! Read How Riya Used MoneyTap to Live Hers!

2 mins read

The youngest among her siblings, Riya has been a pampered child. All her demands were fulfilled by her parents and her elder brothers. Even before she started earning, her father made it a point that she never misses her weekend short trips to exotic and adventurous locations.

But now, it is a different ball game altogether. Leaving behind her home in the idyllic foothills of Himachal Pradesh, Riya is now working with a leading MNC in Delhi. She has started experiencing and enjoying her life on her own.  She is an extrovert, outspoken girl who is loving her new found freedom.

There is something lingering at the back of her mind. Can she still afford her lifestyle without any help from her parents? Will her weekends be as exciting as they have been all throughout these years? As she ponders over her lifestyle, her friend Manisha comes as a saviour.

Manisha has been using MoneyTap for some time now and is a satisfied customer. She takes Riya through the various features of MoneyTap. Sensing her dilemma, Manisha advises Riya to go through the numerous feedback various other happy users have given to the app.

Gradually, Riya finds all the features of MoneyTap thoughtful and consumer friendly. With the flexibility of transferring as much as required in the registered bank account, and subsequently paying interest on the amount withdrawn, Riya finds MoneyTap to be a classy app to spice up her life.

Riya has an active social life after her office hours. She is skeptical that she might find it difficult to remember her payment schedules. The EMI reminders facility comes as a breather to Riya. She even finds the app’s EMI tracking a handy feature.

Though her one-time shopping bill is always in the range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, the number of bills she accumulates over a period of a month, rings the danger bell. Easy EMI conversions available with expenditure of Rs. 3000 or more, seems to be what Riya needs at this moment in her life.

MoneyTap’s credit card sounds to be Riya’s dream card which can give her the freedom and also ensure she does not miss her payments. Thereby, making her a good user of credit.

Riya has downloaded the app and has also applied for her personal line of credit. With her dreams in her eyes, she is all set. She is now even more excited to take on what life has in store for her.

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