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MoneyTap – For The Credit Addicts Too

After finishing college, Rajesh landed a job in a big city; away from his friendly middle-class neighbourhood where every penny spent was well thought. As Rajesh started living independently, his approach towards life and luxuries underwent an inquisitive change. He was now surrounded by well-paid professionals who wanted to enjoy life as it came. For them, life was everything that spelt luxury. With no one to stop him, Rajesh started spending hours in shopping, and undertook numerous trips to the unexplored locations across the country.

Whether it was a new gadget in the market or a colleague returning from an exotic vacation, Rajesh needed to experience it all, first hand. These sudden changes in lifestyle came with financial implications. It eventually resulted in Rajesh asking favours from all his friends and relatives. This uninhibited spending continued even after his marriage to Seema, who knew she will need to help Rajesh become a responsible user of credit.

One fine morning, while enjoying her early morning cup of tea, Seema reads about MoneyTap on her Facebook newsfeed. She starts hunting for more information about the app. While going through the feedback of several happy customers on Google Play Store, she realises her wish may come true after all.

Seema decides to read up as much as possible about the app before recommending it to Rajesh. She believes the apps powerful algorithms and deep system integration with partner banks will definitely attract her tech-savvy husband. Security is something that Rajesh never compromises on. She is sure that the OTP feature and transferring of all the entered data in an encrypted format to the database, will further assure Rajesh of MoneyTap’s security.

Beyond these technical features, Seema is highly impressed with no usage, no interest feature. Being a family man, easy and flexible EMI conversions with every purchase of more than Rs. 3000 is something that will assist her credit addict husband. Since Rajesh is an impulsive spender, she believes the EMI tracking and EMI alert messages will be as helpful as other facilities of MoneyTap.

The game clincher for Seema is credit forever that MoneyTap offers. The credit line once approved remains with you and is maintained as long as the EMIs are repaid timely. She knows, if Rajesh gets a personal line of credit approved, he will no longer have to ask for any financial assistance for any of his friends or relatives, and at the same time get what he wants.

After a full days’ research Seema is waiting for Rajesh to download the app and apply. Rajesh doesn’t want to let her down. He realises his behaviour has been troubling his dear wife, and is impressed with the level of research she put in before recommending MoneyTap to him. He is happy to give MoneyTap a shot and also give Seema the peace of mind she deserves.

Shiv Nanda

Shiv Nanda is a financial analyst at MoneyTap who loves to write on various financial topics online. He also advises people on financial planning, investment choices and budgeting skills, and helps them make their financial lives better.

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