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Get Easy Credit For Travelling in 4 minutes
Shiv Nanda
Mar 31 • 2 mins read

Get Easy Credit For Travelling in 4 minutes

2 mins read

When Karthik and his fiancé would meet on the weekends, their favourite thing to do was plan their honeymoon. With both of them having never gone abroad, they were both leaning towards a vacation in Singapore and Thailand. They had both been saving but even after pooling their resources, they could only afford their flight and part of the hotel accommodations. What about all the other miscellaneous expenses like shopping, entry to Universal Studios, or going parasailing in Phuket?

As their wedding drew nearer and nearer, the two still couldn’t decide on what to do. Then his colleague told him to consider taking a travel loan. Karthik thought about it – a personal loan for a vacation? It didn’t sound very wise, Karthik told his friend. Besides, he’d saved up enough for the flight, but there will be other expenses. Those expenses were the problem. How could he decide how much of a loan he’d need?

“You need a personal line of credit,” his colleague informed him and told him about MoneyTap. That evening, Karthik and his fiancé met for dinner. At work, Karthik had found out he was eligible for a credit line of 1.5Lakhs. He was thrilled.

“Does it mean we are taking a 1.5 Lakh loan?” his fiancé asked worriedly.

So Karthik explained that 1.5 Lakhs was only a fall back; a safety net. They didn’t need to pay interest on the entire 1.5Lakhs. They were only required to pay for the amount that they spent. If they need 50,000, then they need to pay interest on that 50,000 only. If they need 1 Lakh, then interest on that 1 Lakh. His fiancé agreed. 3 days later, a MoneyTap employee came to Karthik’s place of work, picked up his KYC documents and soon after that the money was available.

After their wedding, Karthik and his fiancé spent 4 brilliant days in Singapore and Phuket. Everytime Karthik felt like he was low on money, he’d use MoneyTap to transfer money to his account. His bank had provided him with an international debit card. He would withdraw the sum he needed.

“It was such a relief, really,” Karthik said, later, “because I felt secure in the knowledge that there was extra money easily available if we needed it.”

In the end, Karthik used only Rs. 62,000 of his Rs. 1.5L creditline. He paid it off in EMIs at a much lower interest rate than if he had used a credit card.

I could have used a credit card, I could have applied and got a loan, I could have borrowed money from someone, but I am glad I did not use any of those options. I was able to finally get a stamp on my passport, and I was able to do without financial worry, without running around for organizing the money, and with my dignity intact. That is because of MoneyTap. Karthik said, with a smile.

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