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Top Online Home Renovation Services in India
Shiv Nanda
Nov 28 • 3 mins read

Top Online Home Renovation Services in India

3 mins read

What is Online Home Renovation?

Every day, more and more Indians are turning to the internet for their needs. We shop for bread, clothes, jewellery, washing machines and dining tables online. We also look to the net to meet our service needs – like online medical advice, online tax services and now, online home renovation services.

Home renovation projects are tiring and long drawn out affairs. We start on a high note. But with all the tiring visits to various furniture and furnishing stores looking for ideas and good bargains, the excitement quickly wears off. Now, in India, there is a vibrant online home renovation market with many companies competing with each other for discerning customers.

Let us look at a few online home renovation companies. You might want to check out these companies when you want to plan your next home improvement.

1) Furdo

This Bangalore based company provides several complete online home remodelling options. The process starts with the customer briefing the company designers about themselves, their likes and dislikes etc. Based on these inputs, the design team at Furdo create a first-cut design presentation that is a reflection of the client’s sensibilities. This is to give the client an idea about how the house will look at the end of the project. After that, Furdo provides a detailed estimate to the customer.

If the customer is happy with the concept provided by Furdo, he or she can pay a non-refundable 10% advance of the total cost. This is followed by multiple rounds of design iteration between client and designer. The rounds are to work out the modification of existing house. During this stage, the furniture layout is finalised. Materials such as laminates, fabrics, etc are selected, and a 3D visualisation of the project is presented. In the implementation phase of home improvement, all required material is procured or produced in the Furdo factories. These are then installed after stringent quality checks. Furdo provides a 5-year warranty on ‘woodwork’ and also helps clients resolve the initial problems that they might face, once they start living in the home created on their portal.

2) Contractor Bhai

Started in 2016, this company specialises in the renovation of old houses in India as well as furnishing new flats or houses. As of July 2017, the company has provided quality renovations and home services including ‘3D Design service’ to more than 1200 home owners. The ‘3D Design service’ offered by the company is priced at Rs12/sq. ft. Other services include an e-book with 101 money-saving tips that most contractors won’t tell but customers should know about. The company provides free estimates and a multitude of free videos for customers to browse through, a periodic table of building material brands, a cost guide of various items, a case study of a 1 BHK home, and other such interesting resources.

3) Pepperfry

Pepperfry is one of the key players in the online home renovation space in India, and has created a catalogue of ‘inspirations’ for customers. A customer can choose to purchase the entire ‘inspiration’ or specific items in the catalogue, depending on their requirements. For customers looking for something extra, the company has a provision for turnkey services to assist with the entire process. Pepperfry has recently also launched a furniture rental option. This is a value addition in the same vein as its furniture exchange program.

4) Furlenco

An innovative concept in online home remodelling options, Furlenco lets customers rent the furniture they require, from a vast in-house inventory. With a USP of ‘enabling India to live better,’ Furlenco seeks to change the way we look at furniture and home improvement. Taking on smaller furniture rental businesses that flourish in most cities, furniture from Furlenco is completely refurbished before it is rented out. This includes sterilisation, sanitisation, deep fabric cleaning and polishing. All wooden furniture is polished and mattresses are UV sterilised. Furlenco requires users to subscribe for a minimum of three months. It also provides one free relocation a year across cities that they service. Adding to the host of services, Furlenco offers one free furniture deep cleaning service a year. It also provides a damage cover of up to Rs 10,000, and a furniture swap feature. Furlenco also lets users customise furniture for home improvement.

Whether you are doing a home renovation project the old-fashioned way or using the above-mentioned online resources, home renovation can be a time consuming and expensive process. Companies like MoneyTap can reduce the monetary burden by offering a personal line of credit to individuals. It is an excellent option because a user pays interest only on the amount used, not the whole credit approved.

With so many innovative models and online renovation experts in India, online home renovation has become as easy as 1-2-3.  

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