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Book Cheap Flight Tickets, Cheapest Air Fare This Summer!
Shiv Nanda
Aug 06 • 3 mins read

Book Cheap Flight Tickets, Cheapest Air Fare This Summer!

3 mins read

Vacation planning is like an assignment with straightforward steps. Shortlist a destination, book tickets, look for accommodation, google places to visit and things to do and it’s done. But then, is it that simple? As anyone who has ever planned a trip would vouch, it is a time-consuming and stressful process. More so, if your priority is not only a vacation, but also a cheap and affordable retreat. A vacation is enjoyable only if it is a memorable one that doesn’t leave a big hole in your pocket.  MoneyTap’s personal line of credit can be used as a personal loan for travel and can make as an ideal choice when you don’t want to disturb your regular finances or savings and can pay back conveniently in monthly EMIs. The interest is charged only on the amount you use for that time being, which allows you to plan up your vacation expenditure accordingly.

The Internet has made booking tickets just a matter of few ‘submits’. However, if you are not careful, you can end up spending more as a result of unplanned booking. Remember, there are ways to enjoy an affordable vacation, for those who seek.

To give you a lead in this hunt, we highlight some of the best hacks to book cheap flight tickets in India this summer that you can take advantage of

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets

1)Book in Advance

 There is no harm in planning your vacation in advance. Well planned trips not only take away considerable tension from your life but also from your wallet. Flight fares will be higher if you book your tickets closer to the travel days. Best time to book is two to three months prior to the trip. The closer you book to the flying dates, costlier they will be.

2) Say no to Weekend Travels

Weekends may sound convenient, but booking tickets on a weekend is not that great an idea. Flight tickets are at the higher end on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Wednesdays and Thursdays might be best days to travel to save those extra bucks. Also, odd hour flights are usually cheaper – early morning or late night. But when travelling with family, especially small kids, do make a smart and practical choice.

3)Be Flexible With Your Dates

You will be shocked to know how being flexible with your travelling dates can help you get cheap flight tickets. If not booked beforehand, sometimes you might also come across cheaper options on varied dates closer to your travel plans.

4)Look For Deals

With the advent of social media, online marketing has reached new heights. You can refer to various websites available on the web where there is no dearth of discounts, deals and numerous other offers. This is the time to also check your air miles if you are a frequent flier. Subscription to newsletters from various airlines can also be beneficial as the best flight deals are delivered in your inbox directly.

5)Clear Web Browsing History

Almost all booking sites keep records of your browsing data that increases the flight ticket fares every time you log in. Before, checking the fares in the portal again, deleting the browsing history is advisable. This one simple step, may help you get original price. Using incognito mode while researching will also take you closer to an affordable vacation.

6)Mobile Apps Are Helpful Too

Among other offers available with mobile app booking, cashback facility is also offered by some vendors. Mobile apps provide some exclusive discounts. Also, at times reward points given to app users is higher than their website counterparts.

7)Go For Different Airlines

Against the general norm that return flight tickets are cheaper, go for two different airlines for your onward and return journey. Before taking the plunge, go through different airlines and their fares as many times holidaymakers find cheaper flights this way than going the round-trip route.

8)Best Place to Book

Flight comparison websites are handy enough to provide the desired result. Visiting the individual airlines’ websites is also a smart way to book cheap flight tickets. Some believe, airline websites give better deals. Make an extra effort to find where you can get the cheapest arrangement. Do read the fine prints on online portals as every coin has two sides. Cancelling or re-scheduling can attract some extra costing by online portals as against individual airline websites.

9)Use Regular Discounts if Applicable

Before booking the tickets, check with the airlines whether they allow a student or senior citizen discount on base fare. Make this query a standard habit as many airlines do provide discounts on these criteria. The discount might be small, but every penny saved goes a long way.

10)Travel With No-Frills Carriers

Low cost airlines provide the same duration in their travel time. Though they do not offer any luxuries and charge you for that meal and any extra baggage, it gives a satisfaction that the tickets came at affordable prices. One can have a great experience while flying with Air India Express, AirAsia India, GoAir, IndiGo and SpiceJet.

As you can see, there are several factors that work towards providing cheap fares. Cutting down on travel cost may give you the cushion to spend on other experiences during your holiday.

Make your vacation a well-planned and affordable one. Download MoneyTap and enjoy the family time more with no financial worries.

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