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Popular Preschools and Extracurricular Activities in Vadodara for All-round Development

Preschooling is designed to set your little toddler up for future success. It not only presents an opportunity for future growth but also promotes language development, literacy skills, motor skills and social development – all of which lay the foundation for holistic development. If you too want your child to enjoy the early benefits of preschooling, your options in Vadodara are endless. But how will you choose a pre-school program that is perfect for your child? Fortunately, we have a friend from Vadodara who was lucky to be working from home during her child’s early formative years. This gave her the freedom to explore the popular preschools of Vadodara. Here are some valuable insights from her firsthand experience.

Parents in Vadodara have the following 5 options when it comes to pre-school programs:

Full Daycare Centres

These centres include crèches and nurseries that cater to all the age-groups of pre-school children, making it a great option for working parents.

Drop-in Centres

These centres take care of your child for a short time so if you want to go shopping, avail the services of a salon or hit the gym, you can count on them.


Playschools use a creative curriculum that promotes skill development. At the play school, your child will enjoy a lot of activities along with social events and festive celebrations that skillfully integrate important life skills.


A pre-school provides the perfect platform to kick-start your child’s academic routine at the right time. The curriculum focuses on hands-on activities, stories, games, artistic expression and creative play to promote active learning.

Montessori School

A Montessori school focuses solely on your child’s inherent desire to learn new things. The outdoor environment is an integral part of this curriculum as it presents ample opportunities to engage with the surroundings in a fun and interesting way.

While quality pre-school education is one of the best gifts you can give to your child, it is equally important that you let them explore their own strengths and interests. Channelizing your child’s creativity and energy with extra-curricular activities plays a crucial role in building your child’s self-esteem and confidence. But if you haven’t saved enough for this additional investment, you can leverage MoneyTap’s personal line of credit to enroll your child in extracurricular classes. Don’t let financial constraints keep your child from discovering an interest they can be really good at. Now is the best time for your child to enjoy the life-experiences that only extracurricular activities can offer; so let them experiment and explore just the way our friend did.

She saved for her child’s preschool but she also wanted her child to discover the world beyond the walls of her pre-school and so she used MoneyTap’s credit line as her personal loan in Vadodara to pay for extracurricular classes. She chose MoneyTap over a traditional cash loan in Vadodara because she could repay the loan in affordable EMIs over a convenient period of 36 months. Meanwhile, she could let her child explore the following 3 areas which enabled her child to be more confident and creative.

1. Art and Craft

Art and craft activities help children develop their creative abilities along with motor skills that prove to be highly helpful when your child starts learning to write.

2. Story Telling

Story telling not only helps instill desirable values and virtues in children but also keeps them engaged and away from gadgets and TV! It also works to improve their language skills and promotes creative thinking.

3. Sports

Sports teach children to be tough as an individual and empathetic as a team member while making them physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. Also, you might just spot the sports star of tomorrow!

A small investment that you make for your child today will ensure that your child is well prepared for tomorrow’s world. So, don’t let money get come in the way of your child’s development. While you might find it an extra effort, the payoff is totally worth it so grab every opportunity you can, to expand and enrich your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive horizons. Apply for MoneyTap’s credit line now and use it just like any other cash loan in Vadodara but with the added benefits of a flexible tenure and easy installments. So what are you waiting for? Open all the doors you can for your child, whether it is an international school in Vadodara or a local dance class for kids!

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