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Shopping on EMI: Buying Your Favourite Stuff Made Easy || MoneyTap
Shopping on EMI: Buying Your Favourite Stuff Made Easy
Shiv Nanda
Feb 29 • 2 mins read

Shopping on EMI: Buying Your Favourite Stuff Made Easy

2 mins read

Everyone has a monthly budget and one extra expense can throw it off completely. But what if you want to buy something without disturbing the monthly budget? The answer is – buy it on EMI. Shopping on EMI allows you to buy almost anything you want. Let us look at what you can buy using EMI.  

6 Things You Can Buy Using EMI

    1. Home Appliances

You can buy every home appliance on EMI. Right from TV and washing machine to microwave, refrigerator, and ACs

Want to buy the latest model but cannot pay the entire amount upfront? Well, EMI allows you to pay for the appliance in instalments.  You wouldn’t have to settle for a cheaper model just because you cannot afford the one you like. 

    1. Personal Appliances

Personal appliances like laptops and smartphones are like second nature for everyone. Every single person owns one or both devices. Newer models of smartphones and laptops are being launched every other day to keep up with the rising demand. 

If you have been eyeing a fancy new smartphone that is currently out of your budget, choose the EMI plan. You can get the smartphone or laptop of your choice without making a dent in your pocket or monthly budget.

    1. Fashion Accessories

Love being the fashionista of your group? Hate the price tags that come with the clothes, shoes, and accessories you love? EMI is the way to go. 

Buy that stylish handbag or those fashionable shoes. Take advantage of EMI and buy whatever your heart desires. No matter what it costs. 

    1. Travel

If you have the travel bug, then you would want to visit as many places as possible. It’s not as expensive as you would think because EMI makes travelling really affordable.

You can book your stay and flight tickets on EMI. They are the biggest travel expenses. So, with the EMI option, you can easily break the amount into instalments. Which one would you choose? Paying ₹ 45,000 upfront for a flight ticket or ₹ 15,000 as EMI for 3 months. Obviously, the latter, right? 

    1. Fitness

A lot of people don’t go to the gym because of the membership costs. Don’t be one of those people. 

You can easily find gyms and fitness centres across the country that allow you to pay for the gym membership in EMIs. 

    1. Healthcare

A sudden medical emergency can burn a huge hole in your pocket if you aren’t financially prepared for it. 

Luckily, several hospitals and clinics allow you to pay for elective and non-elective treatments in easy EMIs. So, you never have to compromise on your healthcare or worry about it. 

No matter what you need to buy, you can use MoneyTap’s ShopOnTap option to get a line of credit with just a single approval. Just choose the EMI amount and tenure that works for you and generate a coupon for the eCommerce site you would like to buy the product from and then apply the voucher. For example, if you want to buy a product on Amazon, use MoneyTap’s ShopOnTap Option to generate the voucher and use it to buy the product on EMI. 

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