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The 8 Safest Ways to Repair Your Credit Score On Your Own

If you have a history of missing bill payments or not repaying loans, you probably have a low credit score or CIBIL score. And if you don’t know how credit ratings and scores work, some people will try to take advantage of that.

Don’t fall prey to scamsters offering to repair your credit score for a price. The safest way to improve your credit rating is taking effective everyday measures to gain control of your spending, credit card debt and overall finances!

Here are some credit repair tips that will help you do all this on your own:

1. Seize Control of Your Finances

If uncontrolled spending or ineffective budgeting has brought down your credit score, you need to work on a money management strategy now. Review your income and expenses, create a strict budget and follow it.

2. Clear or Consolidate Your Debt

Struggling to pay multiple credit card bills or high-interest personal loans on time? Use MoneyTap’s credit line as a debt consolidation loan, to bring all your outstanding loans together with a single interest rate.

3. Keep Track of Your Credit Report

You can get a copy of your credit report through any of the major credit reporting agencies in India, e.g. CIBIL, Experian and Equifax. Review it carefully, and immediately contact the agency to correct any errors you find.

4. Get Used to Planned Spending

Mindless or unplanned spending is your biggest enemy when it comes to finances, so start fighting it. Before making any purchase, large or small, consider whether you actually need it. Does it add value to your life?

5. Create a Budget for Purchases

In addition to your monthly budget, create a separate budget each time you go shopping. Not only will this help you stick to buying what you need, but also compare item rates to make better purchase decisions.

6. Account for Maintenance Costs

Perform regular care and maintenance for expensive assets such as your car, home and large appliances. This helps you avoid heavy and unplanned repair expenses, and can also reduce your energy and fuel costs!

7. Always Make Payments on Time

This is one of the most effective ways to repair credit. Late or missed payments for loan EMIs, credit cards, utilities and even telephone or internet bills will be reported to credit agencies and bring your score down.

8. Automate Regular Payments & Savings

Set up reminders for monthly bills before they are due, and consider setting up automated payments for these expenses as well as your savings. This helps you avoid late payments and checks unplanned spending too!

If a low credit score is affecting your loan/credit card applications, try MoneyTap instead. Our flexible personal loans take more than your credit history into account, and you could be approved for a revolving line of credit through the app even with bad credit or no credit history at all. Download MoneyTap and apply now!


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