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The Ultimate Game Room – The Hottest Trend in the NCR Region
Shiv Nanda
Apr 30 • 3 mins read

The Ultimate Game Room – The Hottest Trend in the NCR Region

3 mins read

living roomThe trend of video game rooms and entertainment rooms is quickly catching on with both casual and hardcore gamers as well as the fun-loving party goers in the Delhi-NCR region. Not only do these spaces offer the ultimate digital escape, but they are also perfect for hanging out with friends over the weekend instead of struggling through traffic.

A close friend who recently moved to the NCR region built a fantastic entertainment/game room that exuded his passion for gaming. It was an instant hit and a great help in his making new friends in the city. He was able to dive right in and built his dream game room because he had a line of credit available to him by MoneyTap which worked as a personal loan in NCR for him!

You too can build a rocking game room where you can entertain friends for some fun nights. To help you get started here are 9 game room basics you should bear in mind:

  1. Size – Of course, this depends on the space available to you. If you don’t have a spare room, consider setting it up in your living room or section off part of your bedroom as a gaming-only zone. Terraces, balconies or gardens could also work well if planned right.
  2. Screen – There’s nothing like playing video games on a large screen, whether it’s a TV, computer monitor or even a projector! Depending on the size of the room, get the largest screen possible! This is not where you skim out.
  3. Console – A top-of-the-line gaming console is a must-have for any video game room, of course. Between the Xbox, PS and Wii, you’re totally spoilt for choice, so pick your favourite and set it up! Check with friends if there’s a favourite amongst your group.
  4. Furniture – You need a game table for computer games or gaming consoles. Get ergonomic seating that supports your back, and bean bags, recliners or couches for relaxed social gaming. Mix and match and make sure to keep things portable.
  5. Speakers – A great sound system makes an experience better. And, there’s a huge variety of awesome speakers available for every budget, so check out some good systems. Good speakers could also help turn game nights into happening dance parties.
  6. Lighting – Good lighting reduces eye strain while you play. Invest in remote-controlled lights or intelligent lights controlled through Wi-Fi, and avoid harsh lighting that causes screen glare.
  7. Wiring – Constantly tripping over loose wires or hunting for a power outlet is no fun! Take your time to plan the layout, accounting for consoles, TV/projector, speaker system, computer and spare outlets.
  8. Climate Control – In the summer, your video game room may need more cooling than the rest of your home, and the same room will need to be warm during the NCR winters. Make sure you keep the seasonal difference in mind when planning.
  9. Theme – To create a truly unique space, pick your favourite game franchise and look for themed posters or decals, collectibles, furniture, etc. Also search online for themed game room ideas on a budget. Pick a theme that resonates most with you.

gaming zoneDon’t get overwhelmed thinking about all that you have to do to build an entertainment room along with the overall cost. Just keep in mind that you can always reply on a line of credit from MoneyTap that you can use as a cash loan in NCR. MoneyTap can help you buy gaming devices, furniture and accessories without wiping out your savings or struggling to put money together.

With MoneyTap, you can get a personal loan in Gurgaon, Noida or anywhere in the NCR region where you only pay interest on the amount you use. You also get a credit card for making purchases. Pay off the personal loan in easy installments, all while enjoying your fancy new game room!

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