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Top 5 Affordable Courses to Give a Boost to Your Career
Shiv Nanda
Aug 21 • 3 mins read

Top 5 Affordable Courses to Give a Boost to Your Career

3 mins read

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized” –Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

You may have just recently graduated and completed a year or so in your first job. You might wonder, why think about education so soon? Well, you could give your career a boost or you might discover a slightly different career path altogether.

Alternatively, if you are an unemployed fresh graduate, it makes sense to invest in postgraduate studies during a down economy. For those who are currently between jobs it is very essential to keep your skill set current and up to date. As an employee, this will add value in the eyes of your employers. Or may be you have not had the opportunity to complete your degree but you own a successful business. Degrees and certificates no longer hold value to you. But you could take up a few courses in finance or basic computer skills that can go a long way in helping you run your business efficiently.

Who knows, you might just discover your true calling is to educate children. One can never predict, but don’t let this opportunity go by.

What Should You Know Before You Enroll For a Course

1)Cost of The Course: If you are paying out of pocket then you need to consider if it is affordable.
2)Benefit of Doing The Course: Analyse the benefit of doing the course. Will you be able to justify the cost of doing the course when you weigh against the benefits?
3)Reputation of The Institute: When you consider doing an MBA, the institute also matters, as it is an opportunity to network.
4)Duration of The Course: If you are doing a full time course and losing
out on what you would have earned as a salary then the time taken to complete the course is important.

Five Best Courses That Offer a Good Career


The full time MBA course is the best option for you if you are a fresh graduate. It guarantees a good career path ahead. While the cost of an MBA is on the higher side, the benefits of future earning capacity outweigh the initial investment. This is one of the most popular options that people opt for. Best options are obviously IIMs at Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Calcutta. Find the list of top bschools in India here.

Executive MBA

If you are already a mid level manager currently, then an executive MBA is the best option for you. Ideally, it’s best if your company provides sponsorship. Most institutes provide weekend classes so that you can continue working during the week and earn your salary.
Check out your options here.

Management Development Programs

Many companies offer training by bringing in experts, or they will pay to send you on a course. These might be either purely technical or like a new software tool or a leadership and management training seminar.

For instance, a course on Performance Management for Competitive Advantage is essential for a mid level manager. Many performance issues are not tackled at the initial stages and left to develop into a major issue. This program will “help you plan, execute, and review performance by adopting a proactive approach to performance. It will equip you with a workable set of tools and a framework for managing performance that can be implemented for any individual, team or within any organisational environment.”

These are beneficial to the company as well. Find out from your HR how to avail such facilities.


Diploma courses are offered at NIIT that allow students to find opportunities in IT and non-IT industries. NIIT offers a huge array of courses for programming for a college graduate. They also offer a few certificate courses for people who have not finished their degree. Basic computer knowledge and finance skills can be very helpful for starting up your own business.

Courses That do Not Require Any Basic Degree

You can opt for certificate programs in:

  • Essential IT Skills
  • Retail Trainee Associate
  • Business Correspondent
  • Interview Skills and Certificate Program in Spoken -English and Personality Development
  • CRM Domestic Voice

Teacher Training

You can supplement your education in any field with a teacher’s training and become a teacher. More and more professionals are leaving their high paying corporate job to teach. A teacher’s job is to educate and shape the minds of the future generation. If education is your passion then follow your passion. With two months paid vacation and a strict time frame of working hours it makes teaching a meaningful and fulfilling job.

Enrolling for a course not only adds to your resume, it also adds to your professional network.  A good network can be your best resource sometimes. So go ahead, and find the best course available for you.

If you wish to enroll for any professional development program, don’t let a cash crunch come in your way. MoneyTap’s personal line of credit can help you out in a timely and flexible manner.

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