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What Does Your End of Month Look Like? #MonthEndLaws

It’s your payday and you just received a message from your bank ‘Salary credited’. Finally, you have money to re-energise yourself and have a wealthy pocket to spend on some luxuries again. You now have balance in your account to buy the backpack for trekking next month and maybe treat yourself at a nice restaurant.

Do you find yourself worrying about how to pay bills at the end of every month? Does it always feel like a long wait until payday? It’s the #monthendlaws, my friend, and you are not alone. Monthendlaws can play out in several ways. From feeling like a king at the start of the month to spending like a pauper by the month end, watch our #monthendlaws videos and see which one applies to you? Accept the truth and try to make a difference in the future.

MonthEndLaws #1: Fine Dining to Dhaba Style

The day you get your salary, you visit one of the best fine dining restaurants in the vicinity to pamper your taste buds. Your friends come with you to celebrate the freedom from the #monthendlaws. You spend quality time with your friends and family with treating them with the best you can provide for the first week of the month. As much as you’d like, these exotic cuisines do not continue throughout the month. You know that gradually you will fall for the #monthendlaws.

Week 2 is still better. From the sumptuous international cuisine, you have started ordering pizzas – something that you love. The ‘Paneer Delight’ and ‘Chicken Supreme’ pizzas satiate your taste buds like nothing else. Though you have felt the pinch, the move towards pizza is not that disheartening.

Week 3, you have started visiting those Udupi Gardens and Shiv Sagars even for the main course. The likes of masala dosa and utthapams have made their way to your lunch and dinner dates from the healthy breakfast menu. Is there something to think about? Are you dreading to step into Week 4?

Week 4 has to come and it has, as always. Invariably, every month, the end-of-the-month menu includes bread and jam. You are not complaining, but is this the diet plan you follow month after month?

If your answer to this is yes, then maybe it’s time to alter the #monthendlaws.

MonthEndLaws #2: Healthy Lifestyle to Empty Shelves

From the time your salary is credited to your account, one of your most important trips is to the nearest supermarket. It’s time for you to indulge in the goodness of fresh food.

Week 1, your fridge is packed with the freshest greens and juiciest of the exotic meats. You find corn, spinach, capsicums, tomatoes and all those stuff that make food delicious.

Week 2, you are still comfortably placed. You are replenishing the fridge but not at the pace and quantity you did in the first week. You know, the following week is not looking great. It’s time to ring the alarm bell and wait for the salary credit.

Week 3, brings in more worries. Your fridge is almost empty. You want to stick to the basics and some of the ingredients are not so important anymore. The toppings and garnishing have vanished. You just want the month to end now.

Week 4, the week you were running away from is here. As you enter this week nothing is left on the shelves. The damage is done and of course, a simple meal is what you want but that too is a bit of a stretch.

Does this #monthendlaws scenario look familiar to you? How about getting back in control?

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