With MoneyTap’s personal loan offering a line of credit, which you can use like a credit card, you can unlock all your dreams and make them come true!

MoneyTap's personal loan in Indore is your best finance option with these amazing features:

  • Turbo Speed

    In just 3 quick steps, you can get MoneyTap’s instant loan with a personal line of credit — download the app, register yourself and wait for the pre-approval call. The credit line will be ready to use almost instantly. The process is faster if you opt for e-verification.

  • Double the Benefit

    You can use the credit line as either a personal loan or as a credit card. The best part? You can enjoy this 2-in-1 benefit at no extra cost whatsoever.

  • Extremely Affordable

    The full interest rates follow you annoyingly in every loan you take, but you can forget about that with MoneyTap’s line of credit. If you don’t withdraw any money, you don’t have to pay any interest. Just pay interest on the amount you withdraw.

  • Safety First

    Before anything else, we place importance on security. Your personal and bank details are sealed behind the toughest encryption system and are totally safe.

  • No Expiry

    Your line of credit has no end date. Once the credit line is approved, you can use it forever with timely repayments.

About MoneyTap

MoneyTap’s personal loan with a line of credit is offered in partnership with the leading banks in the country. It is revolutionizing the way Indians can get finance. You can now get a credit line of up to ₹ 5 Lakh without paying any interest, making it one of the best alternatives to standalone urgent personal loans and credit cards.

It has a one-time application process and once approved, you can enjoy using the credit line with no end date. If you have given up on some of your big dreams or have put them on hold due to financial reasons, undo this step immediately. MoneyTap now has your back and can help you turn your dreams into reality. Just download the app, register and you will know your approved amount instantly. Choose the repayment options and EMI amounts with just a few taps on our user-friendly app. You can now officially end your search for quick loans in Indore!

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These are the three things you need to check before applying for a personal loan in Indore:



You are earning at least Rs. 25,000 every month.

While applying, you will need

Address Proof

PAN Number

ID Proof

Aadhaar Number (optional)

Get an instant personal loan in Indore with MoneyTap. Download the app and get a line of credit of up to ₹ 5 Lakh. Interest rates as low as 1.08% per month!