MoneyTap has a new gift to give to the Oxford of the East - unsecured personal loans in Pune with a personal line of credit and a credit card. Yes, you read it right.

MoneyTap's personal loan is the only quick loan that Punekars will ever need. Here's why:

  • Rocket Speed

    The only way to believe the quick speed of the process is by downloading the app. Register, get the credit line pre-approved within minutes and voila… you’re good to go.

  • No Usage, No Interest

    There is no need to pay interest on the whole loan amount. You pay only on the loan amount you choose to withdraw. This makes it the only inexpensive option that you have at your fingertips.

  • Dual Use

    There are two ways to use the instant cash loans offered by MoneyTap - Use it as funds through your account or just swipe MoneyTap Credit Card 2.0. You pick!

  • Safe

    Forget about having sleepless nights wondering if your money and data is safe or not. MoneyTap is offered in partnership with the leading financial institutions across the country and has all the safety measures adhering to the highest standards.

  • Long-lasting

    Very few things in life last as long as our line of credit. Keep it active as long as you want for no extra cost, even after repayment! We’re not kidding…

About MoneyTap

MoneyTap’s app-based personal loan is a great alternative to those who are looking to apply for a personal loan in Pune. A first of its kind in India, MoneyTap combines the features of a credit card and a quick loan. Experience a hassle-free way of getting credit and enjoy unique features like ‘zero usage - zero interest’, e-Sign and easy EMI conversions.

Your MoneyTap personal loan in Pune will be offered in partnership with leading banks. You just need a few minutes to download the MoneyTap app and register and you will soon have an economical, flexible and fast unsecured personal loan in Pune.

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Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

To get MoneyTap's instant cash loan in Pune, you need to clear only these three loan eligibility criteria:



You are earning at least Rs. 25,000 every month.

To apply for a personal loan with MoneyTap, you will need

Address Proof

PAN Number

ID Proof

Aadhaar Number (optional)

Get easy personal loan in Pune with MoneyTap. Download the app and get a line of credit of up to ₹ 5 Lakh. The personal loan interest rates are at the lowest interest of 1.08% per month!