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importance of CIBIL Score at retirement
4 Reasons Why CIBIL Score is Important in Your Retirement Times
Shiv Nanda
Aug 12 • 3 mins read

4 Reasons Why CIBIL Score is Important in Your Retirement Times

3 mins read

Retirement is a dream for many. An individual’s retirement is the time when they are finally able to do whatever they want, whenever they please. But it’s important to remember that retirement is not all fun and games. Many retirees struggle with their finances because they no longer work or earn income.

You’re not going to get rich, and you’ll have less time to pay your bills than at any other time in your life. That said, it’s possible to make some smart choices by looking into your credit score before you retire so that when you do take that leap, you’ll be better off financially than you were before.

4 Reasons Why CIBIL Score is Important in Your Retirement Times

  1. Lower Insurance Premium Payments

    Insurance companies have a list of factors they consider while calculating your premium. One of the most important is the credit history of your customers, who will be paying the insurance premiums. The CIBIL Score is one of the most important pieces of information that insurers look at when calculating premium rates.

    Insurers calculate your CIBIL score to determine your financial health and creditworthiness as an individual. It also indicates how much risk you pose to your insurer’s financial stability and business interests.

    The lower insurance premium payments that you get can make a big difference. The primary reason why a CIBIL score is important is because it can determine how much money you pay in premiums and how much money you save when you buy an insurance policy.

  2. Relocation Process Becomes Easier

    When a senior citizen has to live into a big house that used to belong to an entire family, they might find the task of managing it difficult. To reduce this burden, an individual could choose to move into a smaller house somewhere in the city itself or maybe even outside it. Moving into a smaller house means taking out personal loans with reasonable interest rates and longer loan repayment terms—which is why they need to have a good credit score and an overall healthy credit report before applying for financial assistance. Having a good credit score and regular income from pension payments and insurance policies, if any, will help them secure financial aid from banks or lenders that offer such services.

  3. Easier to Avail of Loans in Case of Unforeseen Events

    Some people are wondering why CIBIL Score matters when you are retired. Well, this is because your CIBIL score is the basis for getting a loan. You may want to avail a loan if you have some unplanned expenses. For example, in case of an emergency like fire or any other disaster, it is not always possible to sell your property immediately. In such cases, you can take out a loan from a bank and use the money for your immediate needs. If the bank has approved your loan application and there are no issues with your CIBIL score, then you can use this money for your immediate needs without any issue.

  4. Can Help Take Financial Help to Start a Small Business / Follow Your Passion

  5. Retirement can be a boring phase of your life. But with sufficient savings, you can pursue the careers and hobbies that you couldn’t during your time of employment. Even you can start a small business without compromising your savings. So when you have a good credit score, you can easily get a loan to meet the costs attached to your small start-up enterprise.

Maintaining a good credit score during your phase of retirement is important. Hence, be consistent with paying all your credit card monthly bills and loan EMIs on time to keep up with your score.

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