The Types of Personal Loans Where Their Flexibility Can Be Used to a Great Extent Are:

marriage loan

Marriage Loan

From hotel bookings to jewellery shopping, a marriage loan is a type of a personal loan that is used to fund such major wedding expenses. Deal with the pressure of wedding expenses comfortably while being prepared for it financially with a personal loan from MoneyTap.

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medical loan

Medical Loan

From hospitalisation, medical procedures to doctor’s visits, a personal loan offers you a safety net for all medical emergencies. MoneyTap’s personal loan can easily be your best friend in sickness and health.

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education loan

Education Loan

Don’t let financial constraints come in the way of your child’s education needs. A personal loan from MoneyTap can helpyou with the education expenses by making the funds accessible to you almost instantly.

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travel loan

Travel Loan

Take your family on a well-deserved holiday without draining your savings with the help of a personal loan. MoneyTap’s personal loan takes care of your travel expenses and the funds can be used from anywhere and at any time.

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home renovation loan

Home Renovation Loan

Give your home a new look or carry out the vital repairs; get help from MoneyTap’s personal loan to turn your house into a home. From leaky ceiling to wooden flooring, the personal loan for home renovation covers it all without denting your monthly budget or your savings!

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used vehicle loan

Used Car & Vehicle Loan

A personal loan from MoneyTap can provide 100% finance for your used car purchase. Our used car loan has flexible repayment tenure and pocket-friendly EMIs, making it easier for you to drive your dream car home.

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mobile loan

Mobile Loan

If you have been eyeing that sleek smartphone for a while, you can now make it yours with the help of a personal loan from MoneyTap. An easy application process, 100% finance, and flexible repayment options; a personal loan can offer you all these and more!

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laptop loan

Laptop Loan

Struggling to upgrade your old laptop for the latest model? Finance your laptop with easy, affordable hassle-free, quick and convenient personal loan from MoneyTap. The flexibility of a personal loan allows you to make a purchase and repay in easy EMIs.

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consumer durable loan

Consumer Durable Loan

Did the giant TV catch your eye? Or is it the humongous home theatre? MoneyTap’s personal loan can provide finance to all your household needs. Bring home the home appliances of your choice with a personal loan and repay in easy EMIs.

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debt consolidation loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

Consolidate your multiple EMIs into a single EMI and pay off your debt with a personal loan from MoneyTap. A debt consolidation loan helps you in getting rid of your debt faster and saving money on interest.

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two wheeler loan

Two-Wheeler Loan

Enjoy the benefits of an unsecured personal loanto finance your two-wheeler purchase. MoneyTap offers lower interest rate, hassle-free two-wheeler loans with instant approval and minimal documentation.

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used two wheeler loan

Used Two-Wheeler Loan

Tired of relying on public transport for your everyday commute? Get a second-hand bike loan and enjoy the benefits of owning a two-wheeler. MoneyTap offers low-interest, hassle-free used two-wheeler loan that can be repaid in easy EMIs.

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If you are in a tight spot and need a cash boost, there are different types of personal loans available in the market to help you deal with your unique financial requirement.

Are you in need of a personal loan? MoneyTap has different personal loan types to ensure that your specific financial needs are met. Download the app today!

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