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Protect Yourself from Fraud- MoneyTap

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Due to recent incidents of phishing and fraud schemes taking place, we want to highlight a few common tricks used by fraudsters. Please make a note of these to stay safe online and when using MoneyTap.

Be alert to transfer requests on UPI

The “Request money” feature is used to trick people into transferring money from their accounts. Do not accept UPI payments, offers or cashback requests from any unknown callers.

MoneyTap does not ask any customer for such details. We also do not support UPI repayments right now. So do not share your UPI id or accept unknown payment requests.

Keep in mind that any request where you need to add your PIN is only to send money.

Avoid downloading screen sharing or unknown apps

Fraudsters ask users to downloads apps like Teamviewer, Showmypc, Mingleview, Screenleap,, Miracast, Screenshare, etc. They can use them to gain control of your phone and then transfer money from your account.

MoneyTap will never ask its users to download apps like these or share PIN numbers and OTPs. Do not download any such app for information, payment, or offers.

Avoid fake helpline numbers that are posted online

MoneyTap currently has no customer care number. We are available only on our official email id ( Please do not reach out to fake numbers posted online on Youtube, Google, Facebook etc. These are used by fraudsters who may take information from you and misuse it.

So what can you do to avoid online fraud? Below is our list of best practices to keep in mind.


  • Read transaction SMSes, notifications, and descriptions closely
  • Beware of someone calling you for offering cashbacks or offers


  • Never share PINs and OTPs
  • Never share confidential information with anyone or on public forums
  • Don’t click on links that ask for verification or personal details from unknown senders
  • Don’t download any external app recommended by callers
  • Don’t enter a PIN to receive money on any UPI or payment platform by strangers
  • Don’t call random numbers posted online for support. Reach out to us only on our official email ID.

Thanks again for your continued support. Hope these tips help you. Do let us know if you have any questions.



The MoneyTap Team


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    • Hi Ravi,

      Your credit line has been approved. Please try to login and let us know in case of any queries, we are happy to assist you. Thank you!

    • Hi Ajay,

      Thank you for your encouraging words. We are glad that we could help you. Please feel free to refer MoneyTap to your friends and family for an instant credit line.

    • Hi Venkatesh,

      We currently provide Support only through emails. We assure you that we will do our best to help you out with any questions or concerns.

      Write to us at for any queries. We are happy to assist you. Thank you!

  • I had a money tap account and it was closed due to bank problems. I have settled the issue with the bank and now I want to apply for the same Money Tap card.

    Can you please help me.

  • Worst experience after writing emails and giving information and due date to be tomorrow no reply until now given

    • Hi Deepika,

      We apologize for the delay caused. We have received you email. Please send us a copy of your recent bank statement or the cancelled cheque in the same email to proceed further with your request. Thank you!

  • Ive been sending emails since 2 months regarding my personal loan which i want to pre-close . But im neither getting any response through email nor able to close loans i got a call asking me to pay to a certain bank ac number but how do i confirm if it is genuine . This is causing me huge trouble . Please get in touch .

    • Hi Rajan,

      As per your request, we have already sent you the foreclosure calculation on 25 Sep 2019. We would request you to check your email and get back to us in case of any queries, we are happy to assist you. Thank you!

  • Hello sir I’m ravi saini from jaipur

    I’m very disappointed for money tap because jan month 2020 two times deducted emi.
    My emi installment ment 3621 6th jan deducted
    But 10th of jan again deduct 6221 but till time not response any one I’m many times mail and call but not response…
    Please help and reverse my payment .

  • Dear Sir,

    I have paid single amount i. e 8013k which is actual for two different Account which one from them is updated and another one is not showing as paid in your app.

    Find here with attachedment for your reference.

    1)-5/2/2020-Showing Due.EMI amount -3703

    2)-5/2/2020-Showing paid. EMI amount-4310


    Find here below payment details

    UPDATE: A/c XX0532 debited for INR 8,013.00 on 01-02-20 & A/c xxxxxxxxx3732 credited (IMPS Ref No.003215348292).Avl bal:INR 16,374.07.Not you?Call 18002586161

    Please check and confirm

    Request your valuable reply

    • Hi,

      We’re very sorry about having missed your email. We have escalated your issue to the concerned team. We will get back to you with an update.

  • I there, I was approved 2L it’s available in my money Tap why it’s not getting into my bank account and shows that there 8s an issue with my beneficiary bank. I was said to mail the account number and I did it but no response is this fraud…

    • Hi,

      We have requested you to send the bank statement or the canceled cheque but you haven’t attached any file in the email. Kindly reply to our email with the relevant details to proceed further with your request.

      Thank you

  • I am planning to close my loan but I haven’t received correct response from money tap. Very delay in responding customer reports. Till now I am unable to close my loan. Please let me know the process.

    • Hi,

      We’re very sorry about having missed your email. We have escalated your issue to the concerned team. We will get back to you with an update.

  • The worst customer service in my entire life i have been emailing since one month but no body care to reply back i dont how much busy there are i wil always get automatic reply saying that we wil get back in 24 to 78 hours but that never come back .Please dont use this shit app.

    • Hi, we apologize for the inconvenience caused. We have escalated your issue to the concerned team. Please wait for an update. Let us know in case of any queries, we are happy to assist you.

    • Hi, we apologize for the delayed response. We hope that your issue is resolved. Let us know in case of any queries, we are happy to assist you.

  • I want to foreclose my account. And by seeing all the reviews I can sense the negligence. Even I have sent mails but only got automated mails but nothing else. I want to close the loan. Any help is appreciated. Send me the details and way to close the loan.

    • Hi Mallikarjun,

      We have sent you the foreclosure calculation 4 days ago. We would request you to check your email and complete the payment accordingly.

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