A look at how Rohit and Neeta used MoneyTap to have a perfectly planned wedding, true to their dreams.


It was a rainy evening in July 2013, when Rohit bumped into Neeta. Both were waiting for a bus. Two years had passed since then and in July 2015  Rohit’s parents agreed to their marriage on December 3rd. Rohit never wanted to burden his parents with his wedding expenses. He used MoneyTap to create his dream wedding.
On 10th July, he downloaded MoneyTap on his mobile and got pre-approved for Rs.4,00,000 within minutes. It took a few days for the entire limit to be approved by the bank and and he now had Rs.4,00,000 on his MoneyTap app.

Approved for Rs 400000

Rohit used MoneyTap as his wedding manager and the ceremony ended with a smile on everyone’s face.

Rohit took the money in July, but he didn’t have to pay interest on the entire amount from Day1.

He could manage his cash much better.
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