MoneyTap’s Personal Marriage Loan Features and Benefits:

Get approved in real-time for a line of credit of up to ₹ 5 Lakh

Take ₹ 3,000 or as high as your approved limit depending on what you need to spend on

Use funds when needed and pay interest on what you use

An option of swiping the credit card that has a 100% cash withdrawal while you get rewards

Flexible EMIs between 2 months to 36 months that you can choose from

Required documents include a valid ID proof and an accepted proof of residence


  1. Must be a full-time salaried employee with a take-home salary of ₹ 20,000/month
    Must be a self-employed professional with an income of at least ₹ 20,000/month

    (Only certain professionals like doctors, lawyers, or business owners qualify)

  2. Must be above 23 years and below 55 years of age
  3. Must be a resident of one of the following cities:

    Ahmedabad, Anand, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Mumbai, Mohali, NCR, Panchkula, Pune, Rajkot, Secunderabad, Surat, Vadodara, Vijayawada, Vizag

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Reasons You Are Here:

  • Want to have a grand wedding for your child
  • Want to help your family with wedding expenses
  • Looking for additional funding sources during the wedding
  • Need some extra cash to cover unforeseen wedding expenses
  • Planning an extravagant honeymoon
  • Want to send your daughter off with an extravagant trousseau
  • Want to buy a high-end designer wedding lehenga
  • Planning a destination wedding

What are the Typical Indian Wedding Costs?

and Venue



Wedding Trousseau and
Wedding Outfits

Videography and

for Guests

Bridal Jewellery
and Accessories

Other Ceremonies
and Events

Download for

Why Getting a Personal Loan for Your Wedding Makes Sense?

  • A marriage happens once in a lifetime (that’s what we hope for) and we want to do our best to make it as grand and impressive as possible. So, it makes perfect sense to rely on a personal marriage loan if needed.
  • It helps you avoid potentially undesirable situations like dipping into your savings, using credit cards or selling off your valuable assets.
  • A marriage loan helps you preserve your savings which you can use for your honeymoon and other future expenses.
  • With increasing expenses and inflation, you may end up making half-hearted choices being restricted to a tight budget, but with a personal loan for your wedding, you have the option to choose what you desire for your wedding.
  • Financial help with a marriage loan in India is a viable alternative for covering unanticipated expenses.
  • When you need to work on the budgeting part, a marriage loan gives you the freedom to decide how much you want to spend on the wedding.

Tips to Use a Wedding Loan Responsibly:

  • Know how much money you need up front so that you don’t end up borrowing more than what you need to avoid paying unnecessary interest.
  • Make sure you keep your wedding budget reasonable so that paying off your loan becomes quick and easy.
  • Always make an extra 20% cost estimate for miscellaneous costs. This will keep your finances in order.
  • While taking a marriage loan, also take into account the expenses required for various ceremonies along with other financial goals such as your honeymoon, buying a new home or shifting to a bigger house.

With MoneyTap’s line of credit you will have money available instantly 24x7 to use anytime, anywhere. Click below to experience its power.

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