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5 Amazing Wedding Décor Ideas that Will Cost You Less Than ₹3 Lakhs
Shiv Nanda
Jun 30 • 2 mins read

5 Amazing Wedding Décor Ideas that Will Cost You Less Than ₹3 Lakhs

2 mins read

Weddings are pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime deal for most people, and everyone dreams of the most lavish and unforgettable setting for their big day. Booking the perfect venue is just the start, since the kind of décor you choose will make all the difference to the visual impact of each ceremony and the overall experience.

Even if you’re on a limited budget, there’s no reason for ‘making do’ when it comes to decorating and styling your wedding venue. A bit of creativity and planning will help you save money while still having the wedding of your dreams. And with a personal loan from MoneyTap, you can even splurge a little without worrying about lack of funds!

Top 5 Décor Setups and Ideas for a Budget Wedding

Here are 5 amazing but affordable décor ideas that cost under 3 lakhs, for a wedding you and your guests will never forget:

  1. Vintage or Shabby Chic – It seems like vintage weddings and shabby chic décor have taken over the world of budget wedding planning, for good reason. Combining soft, muted colours with a lot of cheap supplies such as lace, tulle and flowers helps you achieve old-world charm with a low price tag.
  2. Artsy, Folksy or Tribal – Save on wedding décor by using large framed art prints scattered around the venue, colourful painted gourds or coconut shells, and fabric with bold geometric or tribal prints. Not only are these far cheaper than conventional décor, but you can also DIY a lot of them for some serious savings.
  3. Rustic and Botanical – Planning a rustic-themed wedding gives you a lot of room for creativity, especially when you’re working on a budget. The basic elements are fairly affordable and easy to find, such as unfinished wooden elements, candles or tea lights, bunches of fresh greenery and linen/jute accessories.
  4. Traditional Indian Vibe – Take inspiration from the artwork and style of festive celebrations in our country to create a warm and inviting setting for your special day. For instance, use marigolds, tuberoses and jasmine flowers instead of exotic orchids and lilies for floral arrangements, diyas for lighting, etc.
  5. Dreamy Day Wedding – One of the best ways to cut costs with wedding décor is planning it in the daytime instead of evening. This reduces the need for expensive lighting, e.g. you could hang up strings of paper flowers and origami shapes instead of lights. You may also get a discount on venue bookings!

MoneyTap’s wedding loans can help you pay for décor costs as well as unplanned expenses that pop up during the process. With easy repayment options, complete flexibility over how you use the loan and interest charged only on what you use, this personal line of credit is a great financial backup to have on your phone while planning a wedding.

Don’t let wedding costs stress you out any more. Download the MoneyTap app for instant loans at your fingertips!

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