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Easy Home Renovation Options in India
Shiv Nanda
Jul 21 • 5 mins read

Easy Home Renovation Options in India

5 mins read

Your charming old house where you have lived for ages, and dream of spending many more memorable years in, is starting to show its age. Not everything old is gold. Old homes and apartments can come with their own set of headaches when it comes to maintenance. And sometimes you find that your amenities are simply not meeting your growing family’s needs. If you are thinking about home renovation/ renovating your home, here are some things to consider.

Why Renovate?

You may have many reasons for renovating your home. You may wish to sell your home and want to increase its saleability and market value. Or perhaps you want an image makeover for your home, making it more modern. Safety and security related issues can be another reason for home renovation. After all, an old home would have undergone much wear and tear to the elements, and it may even pose a security hazard if you do not maintain it in tune with changing components and times!

Renovating a House: Where to Start?

Home renovation is an extensive affair that calls for a lot of resources— attention, time, money etc. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. Let’s simplify this by breaking down your project into more manageable steps.

  1. Assess: The first step for home renovation is to assess the structural elements of your house. Make sure that your structural elements of your house are strong i.e. they are able to sustain for many more years to come. This includes the foundation and roof (in case of an independent house), water supply, electricals, plumbing, walls and beams, flooring, sidings, windows and other safety elements. You may find that you need to demolish certain components and replace or rebuild them altogether. Your budget will be largely determined by this first step.
  2. Determine The Objective: Depending on why you want to renovate your house, your focus may change. For example, if it is to ultimately sell the house, you need not bother much about the interior decoration. You may want to focus on repairing any damage in the original structure. On the other hand, if you want to refurbish the look and feel because you plan to stay on, you will need to be very picky about the smallest details.
  3. Plan: It is important to think through the nitty gritties during home renovation to avoid costly re-dos later on. Financial planning is one aspect of a renovation project, but not the only one. To take a sketch on a paper napkin to a full blown architectural and interior design plan and implementation, takes time. First and foremost, decide on the extent of remodelling i.e. whether you want a complete overhaul or only the superficial makeover. Decide on what you would like to outsource, and what you would like to DIY i.e. do it yourself. Rake up the financial budget, factoring in labour and service charges, material costs, and overheads in case of emergencies. Planning starts by looking beyond mere look and feel and digging up the details.
  4. Get Professional Help: Unless you are an architectural and interiors whizz, it is unlikely you will take it all on yourself. Or maybe you just don’t have the time. Seek professionals where necessary to ensure a high quality job that’s in line with the latest trends and sticks for life. Research the best re-modellers in town that fit your budget, look for references from friends and family to get a good and reliable deal. Of course, it will mean higher overall expenditure, but may be well worth the spends for a superior end product.
  5. Interiors: These can be DIY or professionally done. It’s a good idea to add a personal touch for your interiors to make you feel truly at home in the refurbished house. A home is often a reflection of the home owners’ characters, and fine tuning the details to suit your likes and dislikes can turn it from mere house to a warm comforting home. Look at the lighting (fluorescent vs. yellow, visible vs. concealed, functional vs. stylised etc.), colours (paint or wallpaper), furniture (traditional vs eclectic vs. contemporary etc.) For example, Urban Ladder has a wide range of interior styles to choose from. You can simply browse and buy from the comfort of your home.

These are the basic kick-starters to help you give shape to your remodelling project.

Renovation Ideas For Homes in India

Let your creative juices flow, make the most of these home renovation tips to make your dream home dreamier!

  • Think of a Theme: Having a theme is a great way to coordinate colours, furniture and accessories. For example, you can have “royal” for your living room and opt for heavy wooden carved furniture and ornate wall hangings to get the royal look. For the bedroom you can have modern, and build a bare minimalistic uncluttered look with clean cuts. Your theme can also be designed around the purpose of the room, for example a small gaming area in your living room for when you have your friends over.
  • Change Placement And Perspective: Sometimes, just changing the position of your couch can lead to a huge change in the look of the room. Add a dash of refreshing newness to your home by reordering and reorganising your furniture and artefacts!
  • A Flooring Makeover: This can be done two ways—changing the flooring itself, which can be a mighty expensive job. The other simpler option is to change the flooring upholstery. Throw in some rugs, carpets and other softer elements, over much of the visible area. Home Town has a great collection of soft furnishings and they also offer “Design and Buildservices to make home renovation easy for you.
  • Walls And Wall Art: A great way to add meaning to those drab walls is using wall art to convey a message or paint your favourite theme. For example, floral or motif, or even custom phrases or words, can make a world of difference to your room’s character. Imagine having a world map as the highlight wall in your personal room, travel enthusiast that you are! Exciting, isn’t it? A number of companies like Asian Paints offers wall art services. If you prefer the toned down look, opt for an accent wall in a bold colour. For moisture-prone areas you can consider fitting tiles.
  • Rearrange Lighting: Lighting can make or mar how at home you feel in your home. If you are used to harsh fluorescent lighting, try opting for softer, yellow and concealed lighting. You can use light to showcase peculiarities like your art wall or that bonsai plant you got from Japan—use focussed lights to match the object of admiration. Philips offers a range of lighting to suit everyone’s unique needs.
  • Go Green: Add fresh plants in often ignored nooks and corners to bring them to life, quite literally. Or to highlight a space, add a miniature fountain with a colourful plant. Use concealed lighting to focus on it. Another interesting idea is to add a natural, rustic look to your home. Opt for materials or tiles that look like stone, wood etc for the rustic effect.
  • Maximise Storage: Home owners, especially small home owners constantly seem to be struggling with storage space. Spacious yet carefully concealed storage space is a blessing, but even attractive looking shelves work well. Especially in the kitchen, low cost racks or mounting selves can be great to stash away the toaster when not in use.
  • Add a Personalised Space: If you want your home to be a true reflection of yourself, dedicate a corner or a wall to display your passion or hobby work. If you are a painter, hang up your latest paintings, framed to perfection. If you are a singer, click photos of yourself singing or playing, or add quirky band instrument replicas. The idea is to talk about your passion through your walls.
  • Bathroom Spaces: An often ignored home space is the bathroom. Whether large or small, you can maximise its look. Small spaces tend to appear larger with mirrors. So, why not have a full-size mirror to open up your congested bathroom space? Using motif tiles is a great way to add some colour and design to an otherwise dull bathroom.

How to Fund Your Home Renovation?

Anyone can renovate an old house with a whacky budget. But the real challenge is how to renovate a house on a budget. Remodelling a house on a budget is not too difficult a task. You just need to research well and use the right products and services. It is also important to plan for predicted and sudden expenses that may crop up. You can turn to online personal line of credit services like MoneyTap to get the necessary credit to help build your dream home again.

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